Early Details On WWE Raw ‘Off the Air’ DVD Release

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One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from WWE die-hard fans is that they are sick of the number of repeat matches and segments that appear on home video releases. This is understandable, as there is a section of the WWE Universe that are in the collector’s market, including everything from DVDs, Blu-rays to classic Coliseum Home Video tapes. I myself have approximately 320 WWF/E DVDs and Blu-rays and countless official VHS releases.

Back in October 2013, WWE sent out surveys to those who are a member of its “Fan Council.” I am not a member, unfortunately, but Wrestling DVD News got a listing of some of the DVD ideas World Wrestling Entertainment had been considering for 2014.

Some of those ideas have started to gain traction in recent weeks, including an initial volume spotlighting some of WCW’s Greatest PPV Matches as well as a single DVD looking at the music and entrances of famous WWE superstars.

But now comes word from Wrestling DVD News that fans will be getting a very special DVD title in 2014 revolving around the organization’s famed program Monday Night Raw. Only this release won’t be of segments we’ve seen countless times. It will be a multi-disc compilation of stuff that has occurred off air while the cameras were still rolling. This includes never-before-seen matches and moments like Undertaker’s tribute to Ric Flair after WrestleMania XXIV, plus Vince McMahon doing Booker T’s famed Spinarooni.

Any favorite off-air moments that you’d like to see included? Sound off in the comments section.

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