Forever Evil #4 Spoilers: Top 5 Moments With Earth 3 Crime Syndicate Dissention, Batman vs. Lex Luthor & Power Ring Plus Even More (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

While the preview to Forever Evil #4 was illuminating, the actual issue was a mixed bag. In this era of decompressed storytelling we’re past the halfway point of this seven issue mini-series and Lex Luthor has finally formed “part” of his Injustice League, Batman and Catwoman are still sorting out what to do next, Crime Syndicate dissention is teased and the Justice Leagues remain Missing in Action.

A nice bonus is that the variant covers to Forever Evil #4 are very strong under the pencil of Ethan Van Sciver.

Below are the Top 5 moments from Forever Evil #4. SPOILERS follow.

(5) Variant Cover Over-Sell #1: Batman vs. Lex Luthor

Despite the main cover to Forever Evil #4 showcasing a big dust-up between Lex Luthor and Batman, their “confrontation” is such a small part of the book.

(4) Variant Cover Over-Sell #2: Batman as Sinestro Corps Ring-Slinger

While that Ethan Van Sciver variant cover with Batman using a Sinestro Corps ring looks amazing, the actual in-book moment is fleeting on one page. It does set up another big moment in the book though, which we’ll discuss later on this list.

(3) Batman, DTA

It is pretty cool to see that Batman still has countermeasures for the Justice League in case they go rogue; his mantra appears to be Don’t Trust Anyone (DTA). Curious that there is none for Wonder Woman and Aquaman’s will remain a secret. However, with Lex Luthor surmising that the Crime Syndicate’s powers work differently than the Justice League’s, these countermeasures would seem useless; well except for the New Gods’ “Mother Box” transportation system (a countermeasure against Cyborg whose tech is part New Gods tech as I remember) we see in Batman’s possession in the #5 moment of the issue above.

(2) More Dissention in the Crime Syndicate

An ongoing theme in Forever Evil, and in the main Justice League title during Forever Evil, has been the teasing that almost all members of the Crime Syndicate’s have a side-game. In this issue, Superwoman who is married to Ultraman, but having an affair with Owlman, seems to be playing both sides of the Syndicate’s World’s Finest not-so-duo. She regales Ultraman about what Owlman was up to in Justice League #25 with Nightwing.

Oh, and we get more Ultraman snorting Kryptonite like a powdery drug.

(1) Even Cowards Have Their Moment & A Big Ring Return

Forever Evil #4 features the topsy-turvy antics of the Crime Syndicate’s evil Green Lantern: Power Ring. We learn in the issue that he is afraid to recharge his ring (and we learn why in this week’s Justice League #2 spoilers), and we also learn in passing that the Doom Patrol are still an annoyance for the Syndicate.

We also see Power Ring become quite formidable in his fight with Batman who was using a Sinestro Corps ring. This sets up the big return for Forever Evil #5: Sinestro in yellow Parallax inspired garb. Basically his costume looks like Hal Jordan’s old Parallax costume, just not green; that costume is included below for side-by-side reference.

An entertaining Christmas issue of Forever Evil.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. šŸ™‚

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