Announcement – BD and Kue Present: The Trashy Ring Attire Podcast (brought to you by Classy Ring Attire)

Hello all – I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Just to let anyone interested know, after a fun few appearances by myself and another former Inside Pulse writer, Jonah Kue, on the ever-popular “Classy Ring Attire” podcast, we’ve been asked by the boys at CRA if we would like to do a sister podcast. After ironing out some details, “Trashy Ring Attire”, starring BD and Kue, is born.

Unlike Classy Ring Attire, which records once a week, Trashy Ring Attire will record once a month but will probably be closer to 2 hours than CRA’s 1. We’ve been told our language can be less restrictive and we can tackle whatever we want – so likely, we will record after every PPV and the following RAW and talk about what’s gone down over the past month, as well as anything else on our minds from the world of wrestling and Inside Pulse. We’re also looking to have special guests at some point.

Our opinions tend to be a bit on the harsher side of Chris and Joel, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to provide a bit of a different viewpoint than our counterparts. I’ve been looking for something to do on Pulse for the past little while as it’s become more and more difficult to come up with new writing ideas. We’re recording our first episode tomorrow – we would definitely love you to check it out when it’s posted. Ourselves and the boys at CRA are excited to see how it goes – at the very least, I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun.

And remember that for a reliable weekly source of news and opinions, to check out Classy Ring Attire with Pulse’s own Chris Sanders and Joel Leonard. I’ve listened to every episode for over a year now since I decided I wanted to be a guest on there, and it’s a lot of fun. They’re not the fans who pretend they know how the wrestling shows should be run, what’s going on backstage, or what’s definitively good or bad – they just talk about what they like and don’t like. The spirit of that is something that I definitely hope Trashy Ring Attire can keep up.

Myself and Kue would also like to thank the CRA boys for setting this up – they’re doing all the hosting, editing, and… uh, well, all the other stuff required with setting something like this up. I don’t even know what all of that is. Basically all we have to do is send them the audio file of us talking, and they do the rest. Now that’s service – thanks gents.

I hope you check us out – they’ll post our episodes here on the site, and iTunes details will hopefully follow shortly.

Stay Trashy… and Huzzah!


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