UFC Digital Network Launch – Live Coverage before UFC 168

The UFC and Dana White will be presenting the new UFC Digital Network shortly. We’ll have the details if you can’t listen live, which you can do by clicking here.

While you’re waiting you can watch Dana’s latest VLOG:

The presser just started. Lorenzo is speaking first.

First off they’re explaining the reasoning behind the digital network. They cite demand and needs of growing the sport. It’s about consistency and they want to hit markets regularly. Abu Dhabi and Ireland are cited, as they’ve gone several years between each event.

First event will be the Singapore event. It will be called Fight Pass. Worked with New Lion technology to develop it.

Pride, Strikeforce, WEC, WFA, Affliction will be part of it. The SEG era of the UFC will be included. Access from behind the scenes to be included.

They present a video hyping it. The international TUF seasons will be included. About 150 fights will be included in the UFC that won’t be broadcast on PPV, FS1 or FS2. 500 hours of original programming will be included.

Dana’s up now.

You can go to ufc.tv/page/fightpass for a free trial.

TUF: Brazil season 3 (Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva) will be exclusive to the Fight Pass.

Marshall Zelaznik is up now. He’s the tech man behind this.

Free trial from now until March 1st, 2014, that’ll let you explore it. It’s $9.99 starting March 1st. Netflix, et al, are cited as sources for the reasoning behind this.

US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are the first countries to get this.


UFC.Tv is cited by Lorenzo as a beginning to what they wanted to do with Fight Pass. Lorenzo calls it the “Netflix for the fight fan.” It’s about demand and trying to find prospects early.

Dana: Fox doesn’t have the capacity for the sheer volume of fights they want to put on. Time differences for international fans is cited.

MMA Junkie’s John Morgan and the “fight card quality” question comes up. Dana seems a little indignant.

Jeremy Botter of Bleacher Report apparently has some insight.

Cost is brought up and the recession. NFL’s massive contract is cited; Dana states that when they get NFL money they’ll abandon PPV.

DVD Extras will be up on the Fight Pass. “Very vibrant” experience is stated, digital content staff is being beefed up per Lorenzo.

More Dana White Video Blogs are en route and closer to real time, apparently.

Kevin Iole from Yahoo with digital content questions and Smart TV. URL based to start, in discussions to have Roku, et al, to have Fight Pass service to get on there. “Premier” product. You can order PPV’s through this service.

Elite XC will be on the service. Content from “dark era” will be on there. Matter of migrating service.

Digital network is helping to open up other countries and networks overseas with local shows per Dana and Lorenzo for proper times.

Cage Potato, the Ombudsman of MMA, has summed this up properly.

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