All Star Western #26 Spoilers: How Does Jonah Hex Deal With A Cosmic Threat That Gave Superman Trouble? Plus What Is John Constantine Up To… Again? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

SPOILERS follow for All Star Western #26.

Last month, we examined the history of the current “villain” facing Jonah Hex in All-Star Western: the Black Mercy (for more on All Star Western #25 and the Black Mercy’s Alan Moore origins check this out).

This galactic plant gave Superman trouble in the 1980s in the timeless tale “For The Man Who Has Everything“.

All Star Western #26 opens with Jonah Hex under the spell of the Black Mercy; he believe he’s in a paradise of a future he’d like to see when he’s back home in the past (Hex is stuck in 2013 all because of the time traveling Booster Gold).

Hex realizes he’s in a dream of sorts and breaks the Black Mercy’s grip on him. He then gets John Constantine to exorcise he Black Mercy from the Swamp Thing (who infected Jonah Hex last issue).

We’ve seen Jonah Hex “team” (sort of) with Batman while he’s been in the modern-day DC New 52 (spoilers here), and it looks like he’ll cross paths with another more powerful modern-day icon. Will Wonder Woman join us soon too to round out DC’s trinity vs. Hex?

Superman! Now that is exchange whose banter I look forward to!

Plus what is All Star Western building to with this Hex in modern day storyline? What role will the time lost Jonah Hex have in the DC New 52 2014 weekly series called The New 52: Futures End since Hex is one of at least 10 time anomalies in the DC Universe presently.

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