RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE RAW 12.30.13 (Daniel Bryan, Wyatt Family, Brock Lesnar)

1. A bit of foreshadowing with Punk yelling “everything is falling apart” at the top of the show, eh? Not only with Shield but also with Daniel Bryan’s run as a face…or so it seems. However, Punk using mind games to pit the members of the Shield against each other seems fitting. I just think using the “I’m the best one in the group” device seems a bit overly simplistic for all parties involved. Just get all this wrapped up before Rumble, please?

2. Announcing a rematch required that much airtime and a Randy Orton career retrospective? You really couldn’t tell half the roster was elsewhere at all (For those keeping score, that was sarcasm). Also, I don’t think WWE fully understands the meaning of the words “blockbuster announcement.” For example, before Wrestlemania 27, there was the “blockbuster announcement” that Vince will be on Raw. It literally ended up being Vince making an announcement that he will make an announcement the next week. See what I’m saying? Come, believe as I believe.

3. Ziggler actually got a clean win that didn’t involve a roll-up pin. Let the hopes of every redditer rise. Once again, ’tis the triumph of hope over experience.

4. I like Big E and certain moments of Fandango but I really found it difficult to not focus on Summer Rae and what little she was wearing. I understand the match went well and that makes me happy but all that seems besides the point.

5. I was about to go off on the “universe” for voting Khali into a match against Sandow. However, I can’t imagine a whole lot of fans setting the app ablaze to get in their votes for Kofi or Miz. To Sandow’s credit, he got as good match as anyone can out of Khali these days. I know that’s not saying much but I’m all about giving credit to where it’s due.

6. I’m told there was a Brodus and R-Truth happened. I apologize for not having any recollection of that match but my roommate showed up with doughnuts so you can understand my temporary tunnel vision. FAT BOY RAGE!

7. Brock is back and is going after the championship. Makes sense and I actually commend WWE for keeping the belt away from him this long. Until then, either Brock wants him some Mark Henry or WWE wanted Henry on the shelf for a bit. If that’s the case, Brock vs Big E at Rumble wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just sayin’.

8. Everything that involves Eva Marie turns to crap. I’m not saying all Divas tag matches or even regular matches are golden without her but it’s so much worse with her in the mix. I swear, even her blowing a kiss to the camera during the match looked awkward and untrained. And honestly, they could’ve cleared the ring and just let Kaitlyn have a match against Brie and leave well enough alone.

9. More one-on-one matches with Luke Harper please. Or was this a case of “everybody looks like a million bucks in the ring with Daniel Bryan?” Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the opening bout in the gauntlet match. The second match was fine, I guess. Rowan really should look into going the regular pants route because the crack sweat was just unfortunate. I’m sure HHH shares the same feels.

10. I honestly have no idea where this is going with Bryan joining the Wyatt’s but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Anytime WWE is actually able to keep me and a lot of other fans guessing is a win for them, especially in these days where everyone seems to be somewhat smart on the business. WWE could easily go full-blown heel with Daniel Bryan or make it part of some grander scheme for Bryan to be revealed later. All I know is that Wrestlemania season is soon upon us so either this could be something huge or something completely forgettable that’ll be swept under the rug within the next couple weeks. Either way, I am intrigued.

Also, I’m wanting to switch things up in the coming weeks here on 10 Thoughts, if any of you lovely readers have some ideas, shoot them off in the comments.

Five Plugs
1. If you’re not reading Sawyer’s My Pinterest is Piledrivers, then you’re doing the internet wrong.

2. Joel and myself recently posted our 100th Classy Ring Attire podcast this past week. I hope you all enjoy, it was a ton of fun to catch up a little with previous guests. If you haven’t checked us out yet, give us a try and if you like what you hear, you can subscribe to Classy Ring Attire on iTunes!

3. Gojira had a pretty sweet2013 retrospective that you should check out.

4. Joel and myself are doing something dangerous. We’re setting BD and Kue up with their own podcast and telling them that they can say whatever they want. You like Classy Ring Attire? Well, Trashy Ring Attire is on the way!

5. It’s not really a plug but I saw Wolf of Wall Street on Christmas and I highly recommend you spending money to go see it too.

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