Roundtable Repercussions – End of the Year Review

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Well, well, well!  Welcome to the End of the Year Roundtable Repercussions!  I am your host Rhett Davis.  I started writing them after every PPV, but, after the continuous flow of PPVs in the fall, I decided to just do one big one at the end of the year.  So we welcome in the new year by showing the Rasslin’ Roundtable results for the year and see who wins with the most accurate picking of the year!

The overall standings now are as follows…

1.  Justin Czerwonka – 63 Correct Picks

2.  People Power – 58 Correct Picks

3.  Rhett Davis – 54 Correct Picks

4.  Chris Sanders – 45 Correct Picks

5.  Steven Gepp – 42 Correct Picks

6.  CB – 36 Correct Picks

7.  Mike Gojira – 33 Correct Picks

8.  Ralph Hardin – 15 Correct Picks

9.  David Spain – 12 Correct Picks

10.  Jonah Kue – 10 Correct Picks

11.  Jeff Heatherly – 9 Correct Picks

12.  Iain Burnside – 8 Correct Picks

13.  Mark Allen – 7 Correct Picks

14.  BD – 6 Correct Picks

14.  Penny Sautereau – 6 Correct Picks

16.  KON – 5 Correct Picks

16.  MM – 5 Correct Picks


Congratulations to Justin Czerwonka!  You have won this competition!  We’ll begin the next year’s Rasslin’ Roundtable Results with the first PPV of the year, Royal Rumble.

Thanks for tuning in and be sure to join me in a few weeks as I begin back as a columnist again! Thanks for reading!

Rhett Davis is a college student striving to become an engineer one day. He enjoys watching men fight over a pigskin, partying it up, and watching oiled up men move each other in unique positions on a mat. He started writing on 1/19/11.