The Bachelor 2014 Episode 1 Spoilers: What Will Happen With The Limo Entrances?

For women around the world, the New Year really begins with the rollout of ABC’s The Bachelor. In an effort to milk the ratings even more, this year, the network is shamelessly rolling out the premiere on two nights.

According to The Bachelor spoiler expert Reality Steve, Sunday’s episode will primarily offer a glimpse of Juan Pablo’s life back in Miami with his daughter. In addition, nine “at-home” videos of the Bachelorettes will be shown as well. The episode features Chris Harrison surprising some of this season’s contestants with news of them making the show (think Carson Daly on The Voice or Big Brother houseguests receiving their key).

As for Monday’s premiere episode, the limo entrances will be slightly understated this season.

Here’s what to look out for:

– Amy L. is the first one to exit the limo.

– The house will feature a photo booth where the girls can take photos.

– It’s predicted that the story of the premiere will be Lauren H. She was dumped by her fiancée, just weeks before her wedding and spends most of the opening cocktail party crying to the others about it.

– Sharleen receives the first impression rose, admitting that she doesn’t feel a strong connection with The Bachelor on the first night and this apparently is classic reality foreshadowing, as she goes on to leave the show on her own volition later in the season.

Reality Steve also predicts that Clare will come across as the fan fave and bases this prognostication on her intro video where she discusses her dad dying a year ago and leaving her a DVD that she wants to wait to watch with her husband.

– Also, Sean Lowe will also stop by to give Juan Pablo some advice on his journey.

– Steve predicts that the rose ceremony eliminations will include the aforementioned Lauren H, Maggie and Alexis.