WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday 01.06.2014: Old School Raw, Brock Lesnar’s Promise, Daniel Bryan with The Wyatt Family, More

WWE Monday Night Raw preview for Monday 1/6/14:

–This Monday, Raw goes OLD SCHOOL. Ric Flair is already advertised and Brock Lesnar has promised to do something “Old School”

–At the Royal Rumble, it will be John Cena vs. Randy Orton in a traditional one fall to a finish championship match. Stephanie McMahon has promised no interference and victory can be obtained by pinfall or submission only. What will Cena and Orton have to say about their upcoming title rematch?

–It’s CM Punk vs. Roman Reigns on Raw, how will Punk strike The Shield’s big man with Rollins and Ambrose lurking?

–Daniel Bryan has joined The Wyatt Family … how will Bray Wyatt show off his newest member on Raw?

All this and more … Monday night!

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Source: WWE.com