The Bachelor 2014 Scandal: Does Juan Pablo Owe Child Support?

Well, this isn’t the news that Juan Pablo Galavis wanted to wake up to.

Right after a red-hot season premiere, the newest face of The Bachelor showed that he is both funny, genuine and charming but as is usually the case with ABC’s leading men, things are apparently not as they seem.

The Enquirer has uncovered court documents that show that the former professional soccer player was ordered by a judge to pay back child support in May 2011.

The Florida Department of Rev­enue’s Child Support Enforcement Program hit Juan Pablo with an official income deduction order, requiring his employers to automatically deduct $243.94 per month for child support, plus $49.00 per month for retroactive child support until the outstanding balance of $3,574.57 was paid in full.

More information will be available when the Enquirer hits newsstands on Thursday.

Credit: radar