NXT Yellow Ropes Report 1.09.14 (Kidd, Summer Rae, Ascension)

The Glimpse:

The dancer and the hugger tussle in Divas action, plus a singer vs a real-G.  The Tag Champs are in Tornado Tag action against Sin Hunico and Camacho.

The Action:

Match 1: Summer Rae vs Bayley

Winner:  Bayley via pinfall

Good lord whatever woman is getting a tryout for ring announcer, go home and never come back.  She’s like a GPS come to life.  Sasha escorts Summer and Natalya escorts Bayley, so there’s gonna be shenanigans.

Summer is wearing a headband and offers a hug to a hesitant Bayley.  Bayley forcibly removes Summer’s headband and rolls her up with a sunset flip – Our little Bayley is growing up!  Summer tries to bail outside but Bayley drags her back in then Summer dives to the corner in fear saying to get Bayley away…when she isn’t even approaching yet.  Ring presence, Sara del Rey – I know you know it, so please teach it.  Summer boots Bayley in the mouth then bashes her head into the turnbuckle until the headband goes flying.  Bayley turns the tables then eats a pair of kicks and an incredibly stupid dancing facebuster for two.  Summer uses Bayley as a stretch bar on the apron and bops her in the face with her ass, followed by gingerly covering her for two.  After the kick out Summer tries a strait jacket on the mat but whiffs a short arm clothesline, letting Bayley start a come back.  Stinger splash and a back elbow for a Bayley nearfall.  Back elbow from the middle rope this time and another two.  Alex Riley or the other goof on commentary says Summer Rae knows where she is in the ring at all times; nice try guys.

Summer misses a round kick in spectacular fashion and takes a Hugplex for the loss.

Xavier Woods (In a DBZ shirt, no less) is waiting for Kane to “give him something to do”.  Then he spouts the “over 9000 meme”.  Xavier I like you, but this is no buys.

Match 2: Colin Cassidy vs Aiden English

Winner:  Aiden English via pinfall

So with Cass on the other side of the ring, English is at least drawing a bit of ire (which he’s supposed to!).

Cass comes out all-a-fire with big knees and elbows (spelling out SAWFT as he does) and gets an early two.  English dodges a Stinger splash and clubs Cass on the mat repeatedly.  English settles into a combination key/chin lock before Cass fistpumps up to his feet.  Cass answers back with a back body drop, a jumping knee and a huge jumping elbow for two.  English clings to the ropes to get some space, then boots the knee out from under Cass.  English hits the Director’s Cut and wins.

Adrian Neville is being interviewed, then gets a phone call from Tyler Breeze from just off screen.  Breeze says this way he can talk to him and not look at him.  Breeze apologizes to Neville about costing him the Bo Dallas match with a smirk on his face.  He continues that NXT deserves a gorgeous champion.  Neville asks for a match in a roundabout way for next week.  This is straight out of Zoolander

Match 3:  Xavier Woods vs Alexander Rusev

Winner:  Alexander Rusev via pinfall

Kane’s music hits and for some reason the addition of glasses to the suit get up is incredibly upsetting.  Kane touts Woods’ successes on Raw, specifically petitioning for Big Show to return to WWE.  The Authority is going to punish Woods with this match.  Now from a strictly logical point of view (I know, we’re watching WWE), The Authority sending out Rusev as a punishment after never acknowledging him before is kind of silly.  Those of us that check the house show results know that Rusev has been beating the bejeesus out of Zack Ryder for a few weeks – This may be Rusev destroying someone before his path to the main roster.

Xavier tries to bull rush Rusev but ends up eating an enourmous Samoan drop then a nerve hold and elbows.  Woods fights back with jabs, headbutts, a dropkick and the Honor Roll.  Woods wants Lost in the Woods but gets bodied against the ropes and promptly clutched in The Accolade.

Rusev won’t break the hold until Lana tells him to, then heads to the back.

Match 4:  Tyson Kidd vs Baron Corbin

Winner:  Tyson Kidd via pinfall

Corbin towers over Kidd and shoulders him to the mat.  Kidd hits a sole butt to the gut but eats a back elbow.  Kidd rolls away after kicking out only to be picked up and punched in the face.  Corbin takes a chop then throws Kidd to the corner and pummels his midsection.  Another shoulder flips Kidd over mid-ring.  Corbin very slowly moves to a pin and Kidd is out at two, then gets tossed to the mat out of a chin lock.  Kidd dodges in the corner with a drop toe hold then kicks his way to the apron.  Enziguiri to the head, kicks to the body and a dropkick to the head is only good for one.  Kidd legdrops Corbin on the apron and climbs to the top for a top rope Blockbuster and the win.

Match 5:  Hunico & Camacho vs The Ascension (NXT Tag Team Champions), Non-Title Tornado Tag Match

Winners:  The Ascension via pinfall

These guys still ride bicycles to the ring?  Quick mention of the American Pitbulls (not signed) taking it to The Ascension.  Fair warning – Trying to dialogue a Tornado match is not fun, so expect simple stuff on the action.

Quickly turns into two one on one matches in opposite corners.  Ludicrous amount of chops in both corners.  Back drops between Konnor and Camacho while Hunico and Viktor take turns fighting each other like they’re hidden in the Royal Rumble.  Hunico schoolboys Viktor then gives him a deadlift powerbomb out of it – That was unexpected.  Camacho follows with a guillotine leg drop and Konnor breaks it up.  Ascension bails to the floor and the boys from the barrio give chase into a commercial.

Back to action, Hunico and Camacho are still very much in charge.  Double 10 punches in the corner gets countered into twin powerbombs by The Ascension.  Covers by both, kickouts by both.  Konnor and Viktor’s turn to get some offense in.  Flapjack by Konnor and Camacho is out at two.  Back to the two singles matches in corners for a while then Camacho gets whipped into Hunico in a corner.  Camacho to the opposite corner and Hunico sent in after him – Camacho sends Hunico to the apron and boots Konnor while Hunico hits both opponents with a cross body.  Double clothesline from Camacho and stereo dropkicks followed by a quebrada by Hunico for two.  Camacho takes Konnor up for a Samoan drop and Hunico hits a Swanton, only for Viktor to break up the pin.  Camacho gets demolished as he tries a dive then Hunico eats a full nelson slam and The Fall of Man.

The Reaction:

Huh…no shenanigans.  Color me surprised.  Bayley is solid in the ring, Summer is using her ass for offense and begging off too early.  Surprise surprise which one is on the main roster.  WWE continues to squander a plethora of women talents in NXT while Eva Marie is allowed to don wrestling gear.  Where’s The Shield on that injustice?  It’s bound to be Emma or Bayley taking the Women’s title of Paige when it’s time for Paige to head to the main stage.  My guess would be one of them turns heel on the other one and wins a number one contender match.  I could see Bayley throwing her headband down and pitching a tantrum, abandoning the “hug-life” or just as easily see Emma being a heel.

With a giant opponent, this was an opportunity for English to show his ability to do a bit more in the ring.  Instead they played it safe and we got a cheap shot followed by the same performance as usual.  This gimmick is fun to love/hate here in NXT but it’s pretty one dimensional.  Then again, so was Fandango…

Rusev squashed Woods at the behest of The Authority – I would not at all be upset about Rusev being brought to the main roster as a physical presence for them.

I’m always glad to see Kidd in action, but I don’t know what it does for him to get his ass kicked and hit one move and win.  If you want him to be any kind of presence, he should be demolishing guys in NXT, snapping them in half with the Sharpshooter and then making an impact back on Raw or Smackdown.  That’s not what we’re getting here by any means.  A-Ry says that Kidd is calling his Blockbuster “Tyson’s Twisting Neck Destroyer Device”.  I hope with all my existence that was just an awful attempt at a joke.  Please give us a light heavyweight title, WWE.

Thought this was going to be a win for Hunico and Camacho to lead to a tag title shot.  Instead they lose squeaky clean.  WWE booking tells me this will still lead to a tag title shot, because if not, what in the hell was that all for?  That may have been the least action-packed Tornado tag I’ve ever seen.  Most of the fighting looked like Rumble-style “we’re hidden, take it easy” offense and I’m searching for a reason why.

The Preview:

Tyler Breeze faces the wrath of the Man that Gravity Forgot.

The Shill:

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