10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 1.9.14 (AJ Styles, Magnus, Dixie Carter, Kurt Angle)

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1. So I’m biting the bullet and attempting to take over the “10 Thoughts” column for TNA Impact. No one’s been covering the show on Inside Pulse for a while so here we go. Should be an interesting trip…

2. Off to a great start. The show didn’t record so I get to watch the show on YouTube. It’s going to be a long show.

3. Why the hell is the “unemployed” AJ Styles entering the arena with theme music? If he’s signing a “one night only contract” and if Dixie hates him so much, the new merchandise & theme music is somewhat undermining this entire story.

4. So wait, next week is one of their pseudo-PPVs “Genesis” and they decide to have their World Title unification match the week before?

5. Mike Tenay just announced that the Bro-Mans are in their 3rd month as TNA Tag Team Champions. Their title win was the last time I’ve watched TNA’s product. When I said I’d take over these 10 Thoughts, I truly didn’t think that the product would have gotten worse and yet, I’m introduced to “DJ Zema”. I honestly don’t know how long I’ll last with this stint.

6. Soooo TNA will promote a match between Gunner and James Storm for Genesis a week out but not a title unification match?

7. How, Mike Tenay, has tonight been unpredictable?! They flat-out said that Dixie is “taking out” all of AJ Styles’ friends before the No DQ World title match later in the night. A HUGE pet-peeve of mine is when the announcers play completely dumb. It’s very 80s/early 90s wrestling and my philosophy was always that the announcers were there to INFORM the fans, not to talk down to them.

8. With how over Rob Van Dam was in the WWE upon his return, imagine the welcome the WWE fans would give Kurt Angle.

9. Hasn’t TNA learned that their dramatic pre-tapes don’t turn out so well? Especially the ones that take place in a damn FUNERAL PARLOR! Terrible music, terrible camera shots and terrible acting.

10. I understand the purpose of the early interference of Carter and Spud but take a step back & look at what this match is supposed to accomplish – to crown one World Champion between TNA’s biggest babyface and fastest rising heel. The overbooking in this match is absolutely incredible. If they wanted to empty the locker room with heels, why not wait until Magnus looked in real trouble – think The Undertaker vs Yokozuna in the Casket Match at the 1994 Royal Rumble. That way you still get your point across (that it takes a whole locker room to beat Styles) but at least you allow to get over a little in a one-on-one match before the clusterfuck we were given.

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