RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: Raw 1.13.14 (Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Damien Sandow)

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1.I’m assuming New Age Outlaws turning on CM Punk is another step towards Punk vs HHH at WM30 (even though Punk vs HBK is what we want) and it makes sense for Hunter’s friends to turn in his favor. It’s a nice touch to keep Punk’s beef with HHH in the back of our minds while Punk is technically engaged with other things.

2. Sandow vs Cena, because Sandow totally had a chance now that Cena has the full function of both arms. I actually had an idea for Sandow as his ultimate heel move. Sandow finds a way to get a terminal illness and has his make-a-wish request be to beat Cena cleanly. I will now pause to allow my brilliance to really soak in.

3. Big Show punches an old man that did not provoke him and was caught off-guard because he was checking on his friend in the ring. #NotAFace

4. Not really thrilled about Ultimate Warrior’s induction in the Hall of Fame but I understand the appeal and so on. The interesting thing that goes through my mind is knowing of all the bridges Warrior has burned over the year, who would induct him? I asked on twitter and the overall consensus seems to be Hulk Hogan and that’s probably the only person I could think of.

5. Kofi got a win over Randy Orton AND it’s not 2009, that’s an improvement, right?

6. Speaking of stuff that also happened in 2009, Randy Orton sent Cena Sr to the hospital. I was almost expecting Cena Jr to hop out of the ambulance at the last second and make out with somebody.

7. I’m almost surprised it isn’t a requirement for opponents of Ryback to wear a helmet. Somehow, CoDust made it out in two pieces.

8. Hmm, I wonder who is going to be the first to be fed to Batista? Not exactly sure if Del Rio and Batista will be a full feud or just a one-off just for the initial return. However, Del Rio hammering the point feels like all the times that Heath Slater got beat up by legends before raw 1000.

9. Wasn’t a huge fan of the pre-match video for the Usos but it’s still cool that they got their own moment during the main even of the show. Also, it feels special that we get a tag match in a cage to close out Raw just because it never happens. It still feels odd that Usos have never been the tag champs even back when WWE barely had a tag division.

10. The ending of Raw was probably one of the best things WWE has ever put together. I’m really hoping that Daniel Bryan explains this whole ordeal as some sort of ploy that’ll lead to him alone in a locked caged with Bray to get his hands on him for once and for all. Also, it was amazing just how dead that crowd was and how insanely loud they were when Bryan turned on Bray and took the jumpsuit off. As we said on twitter (follow us @CRAttire), this night will forever be known as the night Daniel Bryan could’ve started a riot in Rhode Island if he truly wished.

Bonus: A lot of people are still offering up their opinions on the new WWE Network, allow us to be one of those people.

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