Justice League 3000 #2 Spoilers: Is The Future Flash Barry Allen Or Wally West? Plus The Team Ends Before It Begins? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Since word came out that DC Comics was going to publish a Justice League series set in the Legion of Super-Heroes era, many fans wondered whether the Flash on Justice League 3000 was Barry Allen or Wally West. Well, that was answered today. Although, all of this comes with an asterix due to the nature of the Justice League 3000 in the first place.

Spoilers follow for Justice League 3000 #2.

Following from the free preview of this issue, the book itself continues to portray the tension of these not-so-merry clones of the original Justice League. However, they aren’t exact copies since Superman can’t fly, Green Lantern doesn’t have a ring, etc.

We do learn in a seemingly inconsequential word balloon (second image from the right below) that the Flash of the Justice League 3000 is modeled on Barry Allen. However, Wally West fans fear not since he’ll be debuting in the DC Comics New 52 in April 2014.

The team also comes across a big threat in an unassuming package that tears the team apart… literally in the Flash’s case!

If the team makes it to Justice League 3000 #3 next month, I wonder what role the JL3K will play in DC’s year-long 2014 weekly series New 52: Futures End – a series that will look at the past, present and future of DC – as that remains to be seen. The JL3K do seem like one of the several time anomalies in the current DC New 52 after all.

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