10 Thoughts: TNA “Genesis: Part One” 1.16.14 (Magnus, Sting, Samoa Joe, American Wolves)

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1. I’m so glad that this special “Genesis” edition of Impact Wrestling begins with a promo video featuring the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion who doesn’t have a match tonight. Also, Magnus coming out with two of the same championships? I can understand why Randy Orton still carries 2 championship belts since THEY ARE DIFFERENT! I guess since Dixie Carter couldn’t “win” the World Championship the same way Vince McMahon, Jeff Jarrett or Vince Russo did, this was the next best thing in her mind. Classy move opening the show with a few words about Mae Young though.

2. I guess Huntsville, Alabama doesn’t have rafters that Sting can hang out in so the mezzanine level had to suffice.

3. I love that TNA thought the best way to start the in-ring action of their Genesis edition of Impact was to try to feature 12 people in one clusterfuck of a “match”. Samoa Joe is the only man in the match that really came off as a star and it was fitting that he earned the submission win. Joe, when motivated, could be a massive star. Unfortunately Samoa Joe has taken the “Rikishi career path” instead of “The Rock career path”.

4. So Austin Aries stands up for Velvet Sky because of Chris Sabin’s treatment of her by suggesting she be put in a cage during their match… I feel like there’s a bit of a double standard here.

5. I remember talking about how Bully Ray was the best heel in the business. His promos were spot on, he was in the best shape of his career and his matches, more often than not, exceeded expectations. And I’m not the only one who felt that way. That’s all but forgotten since the slow death of Aces and Eights & the rise of Dixie Carter as the top heel of TNA. While I think we’re all probably in agreement that a move to WWE at his peak would have killed his momentum as well, it’s a shame that Ray didn’t have a longer run as a top guy in the company. Oh and he had a match tonight with Mr. Anderson. It was a No DQ, Bully Ray/Ken Anderson match. It was decent if somewhat sloppy which is pretty much all they’re capable of when they’re in the ring together nowadays.

6. Kurt Angle actually just said that “when you involve my family, you’ve gone too far.” This is the same guy that had a 2 year-long feud with Jeff Jarrett, the man who legitimately married Angle’s ex-wife – who was ALSO a character on the show! Not only did they focus on the divorce and remarriage but featured Angle’s real children on TNA television! And Kurt thinks this is worse? Maybe his memory is completely shot and that’s why he’s still with TNA.

7. Wait, there’s two weeks of Genesis? And this week doesn’t have a single match that they advertised last week? No Storm/Gunner for a #1 contender’s contract. No Angle/Roode in a cage. And now Magnus is facing Sting for the World Championship where Sting’s career is also on the line. Why the hell is anyone watching this show then?

8. New mommy Madison Rayne pins reigning TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim to earn her 5th championship reign. The match wasn’t anything special to say the least but when the Knockouts Division consists of 7 women with one on maternity leave and the other Gail Kim’s bodyguard, there’s only so much you can do.

9. Sting versus Ethan Carter III is headlining this show? Annnnnd now Rockstar Spud is the special referee… Not only was the match bad and completely unsuitable for a show that is billed as “special” but it also had a screwjob finish with Magnus interfering. How can anyone clear these scripts for air?

10. I can’t help but be baffled by this show. Nothing of importance happened and maybe it was just me but I felt completely mislead by what was advertised for tonight’s show. Sure it was cool to see The American Wolves in a major promotion but not only did they not wrestle but they introduced the beginning of ANOTHER new authority figure who can apparently sign new wrestlers. The “authority figure epidemic” is so ridiculous that there is a generation of wrestling fans who’ve never known a wrestling product WITHOUT a “commissioner” or “president” or “general manager” or “owner”. I’m cautiously hopeful that TNA is serious about bringing in strong, new and fresh talent but I’ve been burned so often in the past – especially by Total Non-Stop Action.

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