14 Reasons I’m Excited For The WWE Network (Coming In February 2014)

14 Reasons I’m Excited For The WWE Network (Coming In February 2014)


While I couldn’t come up with 2,014 reasons to be excited about allowing the WWE to automatically debit money from my bank account each month, I could very easily come up with 14.

  1. Stone Cold is excited for it.

    Sure, it was hard to get the baddest SOB on the planet to leave the infamous Broken Skull Ranch, but if Steve Austin is excited about the WWE Network, I’ll submit my own equally enthusiastic “Hell Yeah!”…just as long as the WWE taps the Rattlesnake to host his own show.

  2. No more watching NCIS before RAW.


    Unless you are an older Dad, you are excited about not having to guess who the killer is.  I’ll be just fine watching some sort of RAW pre-show.  WWE, If you’re going to place Zack Ryder’s match prior to RAW on the card, the least you can do is show it to us in a pre-show on the WWE Network.

  3. It’s only $9.99 per month.*

    Sure, this sounds like an advertisement but it’s not.  Honestly, think about this one.  You’re a WWE fan.  You subscribe to Netflix.  As you watch something from the surprisingly large WWE library on Netflix, you think to yourself, “Hmmm…I’d pay for another service just like this if only it were made up of all WWE programming.”  Not only is it more than just an on-demand video library, there will be live-streaming original programming as well.  No brainer.  Win.

    *Remember, you have to make a 6-month commitment!

  4. New WWE original programming!


    Legends House? I’m in!

    I’ve heard rumor of a cooking show starring none other than the Big Show.  I’d pay double the subscription price just to watch that…

  5. Pay-Per-View.  Every PPV is included with your subscription. (Skip to #14 for an additional thought on this)

    Although it would’ve been nice to get this going in time for the upcoming Royal Rumble…

  6. It will be in High-Definition.

    HD is often taken for granted because it is expected but there really is no other way to watch a powerbomb.  Or a chair shot.  Or to see how much make-up JBL is wearing.


  7. The WCW/ECW Pay-Per-View Library

     13253 - bash_at_the_beach logo wcw

    How long does it take to watch all of the Bash at the Beach PPVs?  Asking for a friend.

  8. The Monday Night Wars.


    I can’t wait to see what treasures await with this one.  The WWE Network says “Uncut and Uncensored” in regards to their library.

    Please don’t lie to me about this, Vince.

  9. WWE will have to hire a couple more video presenters/personas if they want to keep their content lively and fresh, right?


    Um, Vince, please have Colt Cabana present this next video? And all the videos?  And all the matches?


  10. NXT.

    As long as they don’t turn into the Nexus again, I’m very okay with watching the young talent of tomorrow perform and grow.  And attack Michael Cole.  (YES!)


    Rest in peace, Florida Championship Wrestling.

  11. The hope of more Legends Round table discussions, preferably live-streaming.


    Add a dash of Good Ol’ JR and that makes for some great television.

  12. You don’t have to have a cable subscription!

    If you’re trying to “cut the cord” and save a few $$, this is the service for you.

  13. WWE is kind of saying “You know what, traditional broadcasting? We got two words for ya…” to cable and satellite by cutting out a middle man.

    suck it

    Prediction: RAW finds it’s way to the WWE network in the future.

  14. Wrestlemania 30 Live! is included in your subscription.

    mania 30

    I’m going to go ahead and submit right now that this will not be available next year, as this is the biggest PPV event of the year.  It’s a broad stroke that brings in former, casual and die-hard long time fans. The WWE isn’t going to keep giving it to subscribers no matter how loyal you are.  They might have an incentive (i.e. you have a unique promo code for a discount off of future Wrestlemania PPVs as a subscriber); but this business about all future Wrestlemanias being included in your subscription?  No.

    At least, use this current opportunity to watch Wrestlemania 30.

    WWE, you’ve been getting my money since I was old enough to hold a one dollar bill.  You beautiful genius bastards will keep on getting it through the vehicle of the WWE Network.

    So please, WWE, shut up and take my money.


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