DC Comics New 52’s Nightwing & Image Comics’ C.O.W.L. Writer Kyle Higgins Teases Mystery Title From… Marvel Comics?

Prior to writer Kyle Higgins’ recent announcement that he is leaving DC Comics New 52’s Nightwing series, he gave a recent interview where he was primarily talking about his new Image Comics project C.O.W.L., including releasing amazing interior pages and a cover for the book.

However, during that interview he also teased the following:

    “I have another project that we’re not ready to announce yet. So far, it’s an environment and a company where I’ve had nothing but good experiences. And with something like C.O.W.L., I’ve had such a connection to it for so long that I’m thrilled it’s going to finally get into the hands of readers. The reaction has been great since we announced it. And the experience of working on these projects has been so fulfilling and creatively rewarding.”

According to the online Comic Book Database, Kyle Higgins has worked for DC Comics and Marvel Comics prior to his new Image Comics series C.O.W.L. The turn of phrase used by Higgins seems odd; not naming the company for his next project. Since he’s been writing Nightwing, until his recent announcement, and Batman Beyond for DC Comics, mentioning DC wouldn’t be a big deal because he’s already employed by them.

That cryptic response above seems to indicate that a Marvel Comics project is up next for Kyle Higgins. He’s worked for Marvel already on titles featuring Avengers, Captain America and Supreme Power.

If Higgins is queued up for Marvel, what All-New Marvel Now book would you like to see him on?

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Source: Newsarama