DC Comics April 2014 Solicitations Forever Evil Fallout: Justice League #30 Has Lex Luthor & Captain Cold Replace Superman & Flash! Plus Aquaman In 3 New 52 Books?!

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DC Comics released the cover to April 2014’s New 52 Justice League #30.

Two villains replace three heroes and another hero is confirmed on the team.

Superman villain Lex Luthor replaces Superman on the Justice League while Shazam, with Superman-level powers, is confirmed on the team ensuring they have an all-powerful member.

Captain Cold, of Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion, joins the Justice League replacing the Flash. Although, Flash has a busy life outside of the Justice League with the return of Wally West and what now is nwo shaping up to be another “Flash” New 52 debut with John Fox, the Future Flash from Justice League 1,000,000.

A Green Lantern is not the Justice League after Forever Evil in April 2014. However, Green Lantern foil Sinestro gets his own ongoing series in April 2014.

And, Ted Kord, a pre-New 52 Blue Beetle, returns in in April 2014’s Forever Evil #7 and will have some kind of ongoing role with the Justice League after that.

Superman’s “partner” Wonder Woman remains on the team as do Batman, Aquaman and Cyborg.

Wow, Aquaman is on THREE ongoing books in April 2014: Justice League, Aquaman and the new team book Aquaman and the Others.

This news follows the cancellation of Justice League of America, the cancellation of its previous announced replacement Justice League of Canada and the launch of a cosmic Canadian Justice League United in April 2014.

More cancellations are coming in April 2014 with the Teen Titans being cancelled as well as Stormwatch ending with Stormwatch #30 which will feature an extra cover.


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