The Bachelor 2014 News: Juan Pablo Makes Controversial Gay Comments, Says ‘Pervert Gays’ Shouldn’t Be On Show

When asked about whether The Bachelor should be open to including a gay contestant as its star, current Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis had a controversial response.

“It’s too hard for TV. Talking about gay marriage,” says the former Venezuelan professional football player to the Star. “There’s a thin line. I respect every gay man and woman. They’re that way and they just want to be happy. If you ask me ‘are you for or against gay parents’ for example, having kids it’s hard for me to say yes.”

The Bachelor star also said that he believes couples should only be of the opposite sex.

“Because they’re going to be in bed and they will think that’s OK. It’s OK in a sense, but it’s not what God says to do. We were created to be woman and man and make kids. And if you put that on TV, it will be very, very hard,” he said in comments that are sure to be controversial. “They are kind of more pervert.”