Forever Evil / Nightwing Fallout: Kyle Higgins Confirms Where His Next Series Will Be… DC Comics Or Marvel Comics?

It has been a busy few weeks for Kyle Higgins:

Kyle Higgins was less cryptic in an interview about his departure from Nightwing by noting that:

    “The Image books are keeping me pretty busy right now, but I also have something else at DC that I’m ramping up on. Maybe you’ll hear about it soon”.

Ok, his next big project is from DC Comics not Marvel. I wonder if he’ll get a solo book or perhaps would relaunch Teen Titans since its being cancelled in April.

Or maybe he’ll be working on the long rumored The Robins series featuring all of Batman sidekicks who had been called “Robin” or in Tim Drake’s case – because Tim was never a Robin in the New 52 – had the word Robin in his nom du guerre (Red Robin). I’m also eager to find what the post-Higgins era looks like for Nightwing because Forever Evil changed the character permanently in a profound way.

You’ll also note that Higgins used the phrase “Image books”. I wonder if he meant the various books or issues from his C.O.W.L. series or if a forthcoming announcement of another Image Comics from Higgins is coming.

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Source: Newsarama