Iconic X-Writer Chris Claremont & Artist Todd Nauck Launch Amazing X-Men’s Nightcrawler Into All-New Marvel Now Comics Series In April 2014! BAMF!!

After his Amazing X-Men revival (spoilers here), Nightcrawler gets his own ongoing series! Industry veteran scribe Chris Claremont is joined by awesome artist Todd Nauck to chronicle Kurt Wagner’s – the fuzzy blue elf – adventures for a new generation. Nightcrawler #1 will be part of the All-New Marvel Now publishing initiative.

Originally this was to be the relaunch of X-Men Legacy with a new #1, but Marvel opted for “Nightcrawler” as its title instead.

The announcement by Marvel for this included the following information:

    Kurt Wagner, the swashbuckling X-Man, will take the lead in NIGHTCRAWLER, a new ongoing series beginning in April. Bringing the fuzzy elf’s adventures to life will be artist Todd Nauck and legendary writer Chris Claremont, the man who helped turn Kurt into the hero he became with his highly regarded and influential runs on

    …Joining Nightcrawler on his new adventure will be his longtime teammate and drinking buddy Wolverine. With Logan’s involvement also comes a bit of a reality check for Kurt, as he will become aware of the deep schisms that have formed within the X-Men since he last saw them. Professor X has died, Cyclops has become the fugitive leader of a band of revolutionaries, Wolverine guides impressionable young mutants as the headmaster of the Jean Grey School, and most of Kurt’s closest friends find themselves ideological opposites.

    …NIGHTCRAWLER will follow our hero and Wolverine as they drive across this radically altered mutant landscape, and hopefully right some wrongs along the way.

    In addition, the following art was also released.

    Artist Todd Nauck seems like an inspired choice for art. His style is known for being action-packed, fun and full of whimsy. I really like his concept art above.

    I hope the book captures the swashbuckling, fun, adventure feels of the 1980’s Nightcrawler mini-series. It rocked.

    In addition, the solicitation for April 2014’s Nightcrawler #1 has been released.


      Cover by CHRIS SAMNEE
      Artist Variant by Humberto Ramos
      Animal Variant by TBA

      NIGHTCRAWLER IS BACK! Newly-returned from the afterlife, veteran X-Man Kurt Wagner finds himself in a world that’s a far cry from the one he left: Professor Xavier is dead, Cyclops is on the run, and the X-Men are divided. But determined not to let his new lease on life go to waste, Nightcrawler hits the road alongside Wolverine, eager to right some wrongs and safeguard the future mutantkind…and he’s going to do it by the means he loves most: swashbuckling, lady-charming and—of course—BAMFing! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …2.99

    I would have preferred Colossus being Nightcrawler’s wingman, but I guess Marvel wants people to sample the book…. so here comes Wolverine.

    Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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    Source: Marvel.com