All-New Invaders #1 Spoilers: James Robinson Makes Leap To Marvel Comics, From DC Comics’ Earth 2, In All-New Marvel Now Preview With Variant Covers!

Writer James Robinson has left DC Comics’ critically acclaimed New 52 series Earth 2 and launches two All-New Marvel Now series. The first is All-New Invaders #1 debuting this week and the second is Fantastic Four #1, featuring new red and black costumes for our heroes, next month.

For fans familiar with James Robinson’s previous work, he is seen as somewhat of an expert on DC Comics’ golden age and Justice Society characters. This figured into his The Golden Age mini-series from DC in the early 1990’s, followed by his critically acclaimed Starman work, and even in his reinterpretation of the Justice Society as part of the New 52 initiative in his recent Earth 2 run.

I mention this by way of preamble because James Robinson has established himself as a well researched comic book historian as well as a modernist in evolving those concepts and characters.

All-New Invaders seems like a great fit for Robinson who will tackle Golden Age heroes in modern times: Captain America, Winter Solider (formerly Bucky), Namor and the first Human Torch. Later on maybe we’ll see Robinson tackle Toro, the Torch’s former sidekick, the Vision and other later incarnation Invaders members as recently seen in the 2010/11 Invaders Now mini-series (see above right Alex Ross related art). I am excited to see what James Robinson does with the All-New Invaders in the modern age Marvel Universe.

SPOILERS follow below from All-New Invaders #1 preview released by Marvel Comics.

This follows the late 2013 release of three unlettered interior pages to All-New Invaders #1 some of which seems to have been re-purposed for the actual issue.

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