Justice League #27 Forever Evil Spoilers & News: DC Comics Preview Showcases New 52’s Doom Patrol Vs Crime Syndicate! Plus Variant Covers!

Justice League #27 hits stands this week. DC Comics has released its New 52 preview of the issue that focuses on the Doom Patrol (finally).

This follows news of the DC Comics New 52 debuts of:

We’ve seen the Doom Patrol’s cameo debut on The Grid’s monitors (Crime Syndicate’s evil Cyborg) in Justice League #24 (spoilers here). However, Justice League #27 appears to be their in-action consequential debut battling the Crime Syndicate; particularly Johnny Quick and Atomica (Crime Syndicate’s evil Flash and Atom respectively) who made quick work of the Teen Titans in Forever Evil #2 (spoilers here).

SPOILERS follow for the Forever Evil tie-in Justice League #27.

Originally, it appeared that the DC Comics New 52’s Doom Patrol would exclusively be modeled on its 1970’s incarnation. However now we see that it will also include members from the team’s initial 1980’s incarnation (spoilers here).

Check out the three members of the 1980’s Doom Patrol in Justice League #27 below!

I wonder if they will get their own ongoing series in April 2014?

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