RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: Raw 1.20.13 (CM Punk, Batista, Daniel Bryan)

1. There are some legendary WWE wrestlers that have had great returns during a talking segment. Batista is not one of them. He’s not that guy. Honestly, I would’ve been much better off if his return only consisted of doing a run-in with Del Rio, drop him and leave. Also, the skinny jeans don’t help but then again, I can imagine it’s hard for him to find clothes that aren’t tight on him.

2. Having Bryan and Wyatt face each other at Rumble makes sense in terms of the flow of whatever story is going on there. However, it feels like a gut-punch that there’s a possibility that he’s not in the Rumble match. Of course there’s always a chance that he pulls double duty but this does kinda throw water all over most of our Rumble predictions.

3. Whichever cameraman was chosen to sit at the arena entrance and wait for Cena is either the luckiest man or the most bored man. Also, Cena takes forever to show up to Monday Night Raw? Apparently “Hustle. Loyalty. Punctuality. Respect.” wasn’t as catchy.

4. CM Punk will enter the Rumble first. Announcing that ahead of time either means he’s going to win or be screwed over again by someone in the HHH camp to move that story further. Of course the latter is more likely especially with all the hubbub surrounding Batista’s return.

5. This entire show felt like WWE was saying, “Hey, you’re getting the Rumble match this Sunday! Screw you, that should be enough.”

6. Knowing that Brock has a limited number of dates as per his contract, I can’t help but feel like having him face Big Show at Rumble is a waste of a Lesnar appearance. WWE apparently really wanted Lesnar at Rumble but wanted to have him face somebody WWE won’t exactly miss in the Rumble match. If that was the case, I’d rather we just not have a Lesnar match because he’s shown he can’t have a good match against just anybody.

7. New Age Outlaws was fun to see around Raw Old School and all but I don’t really need to see them quickly lose their breath every Raw. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’d rather see Real Americans face CoDust on the kickoff show.

8. Speaking of the Kick-off Show, the panel this month will feature Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. I’m actually incredibly interested in how the closed captioning is going to look for this.

9. John Cena came in at the end of the show without a care in the world and causes Kofi to lose his match via DQ. #NotAFace

10. I want you all to really meditate on how Raw ended last week with the crowd chanting in unison for Daniel Bryan and compare that to the tangible amount of “meh” excreting from the crowd this week in reaction to Cena and Orton fight-walking up some stairs. Let that stir around in your brain for a bit and share your thoughts below.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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