Justice League #27 Spoilers: Is This The Forever Evil Fate Of The Doom Patrol? What Is Cyborg 3.0? What Happened To The Metal Men? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

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I was quite surprised – or I guess I shouldn’t be by now – about how much spoilers DC Comics just gave away for free in their preview of the New 52’s Forever Evil tie-in Justice League #27 (preview with spoilers here). We see a confrontation with the debuting Doom Patrol – who made their first cameo appearance a few issues ago (spoilers here). The battle climaxes in the pages following the preview.

SPOILERS follow for Forever Evil tie-in Justice League #27.

In the two pages that follow the free spoiler-filled preview, the Doom Patrol battle with the Crime Syndicate’s Johnny Quick and Atomica end as swiftly as how these Earth 3 villains dispatched the Teen Titans in Forever Evil #2 (spoilers here), but with more dire consequences for these new “doomed” heroes.

We then jump to what was prominent on this book’s cover; the rehabilitation, revival, and reboot of Cyborg 3.0. at S.T.A.R. Labs. We get a glimpse at their Red Room of technology. There are quite a few Easter eggs in that double-page spread that include the Red Tornado and a classic looking robotic Ace from what would be the Royal Flush Gang, but the Gang debuted in the recent Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #4 (spoilers here) modeled on their CW Arrow rebooted look; very non-mechanized.

I’m drawing a blank on what or when that spaceship in the last page above comes from, but I like time travel aspects to stories; particularly with the New 52: Futures End weekly series set to debut and the existing 10 time anomalies in the DC Comics New 52 currently.

Anyhow, Cyborg gets upgraded to 3.0 and he goes in search of Doc Magnus to see if he can turn the tide, with Magnus’ Metal Men, against the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate and conquer the Forever Evil blow the heroes of Earth have been dealt.

Well, that was a depressing finish…

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