Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Royal Rumble 2014

Welcome to the first Rasslin’ Roundtable of the new year!  My personal favorite PPV of the year… Royal Rumble!  Now without any further delay…


WWE Royal Rumble 2014

Rasslin’ Roundtable


Royal Rumble Kickoff Match

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Brotherhood (Cody Rhodes & Goldust) (c) vs. The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn)


Camden Fordyce:  Since these guys are already booked for the Rumble, the logical explanation for this match is to create heat between the tag team champions. We will likely see Cody eliminate Goldie in the Rumble and set up the most rumored Mania match this past year. The WWE could use the NAO’s to pass the belts on to the Uso’s before Wrestlemania, but what we probably will see is the beginning of the end of the brotherhood.

Winners:  The Brotherhood retain

John Kincaid:  On the plus side, The Brotherhood is getting some new talent to face off against as they have pretty much faced every current tag team in the WWE in some form on multiple occasions.  On the negative, their opponent is a tag team whose time has come and gone many years ago.  The Outlaws are in decent shape and I am sure they will offer some kind of entertainment, but I cannot see how they would walk out as champions, no matter how close they are with Triple H.  I do not even see them as a brief transitional champion team.  The biggest takeaway I see coming from this match is the first fissures of disharmony between Cody and Goldust that will blow up in the Rumble match itself and lead to their eventual Wrestlemania match following one turning on the other in a tag title match against the Usos on an upcoming Raw.

Winner (and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions): The Brotherhood

David Spain:  I know that there has been talk of the Rhodeses match at WrestleMania, but I think that even if they were to do the ‘loss of the titles breaks the team’ method, you could pick a better duo to give the belts to than the New Age Outlaws. I think the Usos’ popularity makes them the biggest threat to the titles, not two guys who are back for who-knows-when-‘til.

Winners (and still champions): The Rhodeses (preciousssss…)

CB: I don’t think the New Age Outlaws should win the tag team titles just for the fact that I can’t see them working all of those house shows, even if it would only be during WrestleMania season. However, I can see them winning the titles here from Cody and Goldust and then lose them shortly to The Usos, who have been on a roll lately. This would also free up Cody Rhodes and Goldust to perhaps enter a singles program during WrestleMania season against each other. Therefore…

Winners: The New Age Outlaws

Jeff Heatherly:  I think this will be the farewell match of this brief New Age Outlaws reunion tour. It’s been pretty fun, but to take the belts off of the brothers Rhodes (and put them on what basically amounts to a novelty act; albeit a novelty act that’s “still got it”, as they say) at this juncture would be absurd.

Winners and STILL Champions:  The Brotherhood

Justin C:  Some people might argue for a title change here. If that happens, it shouldn’t be happening on the pre-show. The Outlaws are a good nostalgia act. They aren’t anything more. And they shouldn’t be touching the Tag Titles at this point in their careers. The Usos are much more deserving and should have the next run at the Titles, and I think the Usos and Rhodes Brothers could tear the house down if given time. The Rhodes Brothers retain for one more PPV.

Winners:  The Rhodes Brothers

Mike Gojira:  For me, the hype machine for the Brotherhood (which is kind of an ominous heel name, but whatever) faded soon after their title win.  It’s not that I don’t like the wrestlers involved; I just don’t really think they’re as exciting as some of us here at Pulse have made them out to be.  Even so, I don’t see the Outlaws winning here.  They’re a special attraction that has run its course.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Chris Sanders:  Barring any shenanigans, I don’t any see any surprises happening here. The most interesting thing here would be attempting to decipher what’s being said at the panel between Hacksaw and Flair.

Winner:  Codust

Rhett Davis:  This should be a fun match with The Brotherhood coming out on top.  Will there be a tease of a breakup between Goldust and Cody?  Hopefully not.  Let that happen in the Rumble match and let it be subtle.

Winners (and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions):  The Golden Smoke and Mirrors

People Power:  With 71% of the vote, The Brotherhood win the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  The Brotherhood – 9

The New Age Outlaws – 1


The Family Gets Fooled

Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan


Camden Fordyce:  This is a tricky one. Bryan is so over right now and this could be huge for Bray moving forward. I’ve got a feeling Bryan will make Bray look really good for that reason. But in the end, if the plans are as big for Bryan as is rumored, won’t Daniel find a way to prevail? I think Daniel finds a way in the end of the feud, but at this point on the card, it’s….

Winner:  Bray Wyatt

John Kincaid:  As I outlined in my column three weeks ago, this whole angle is playing out about two weeks too early.  I had Bryan revealing his deception and turning on Wyatt in the Rumble match before ultimately winning it. This gave him a nice little feud and match for Elimination Chamber before getting into his Wrestlemania program for the WWE Title.  The whole angle has felt rushed as if Creative cannot make up its mind about what they want to do with Bryan.  I see this being a brutal, stiff contest to sell the hatred and sadism of the respective characters.  As for the ending, I think it hinges greatly on whether or not Bryan is actually in the Rumble match itself.  If he is, I expect a shenanigan ending to drag the feud out through Elimination Chamber.  If he is not, I see a clean victory and moving Bryan on to whatever they have in store for him next.

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

David Spain:  It’s long-awaited revenge time; Daniel Bryan’s hot and a first true loss really won’t hurt Bray. The WWE Universe wants Bryan wearing Wyatt’s entire head like the creepiest shoe you’ve ever seen, and I think that’s what we’re going to get at the Rumble.

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

CB:  If Bray Wyatt wins this match, I can only hope it means Daniel Bryan will take out Rowan or Harper and steal their Royal Rumble spot, then win the Rumble himself. Otherwise, Bryan should simply win this match, end this Wyatt Family story and move onto something much more important on the Road to WrestleMania.

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

Jeff Heatherly:  All our qualms with D-Bry being left out of the Rumble aside, this should be a good watch. As I said in my column this week, these two have the best chemistry two adversarial characters have had on this show in far too long. Daniel gets the win here, and then it’s off to bigger and better things (if the reports are true).

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

Justin C:  This one is a toss-up for me. I could see it going either way. Bryan has remained over despite the terrible booking by the WWE and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The guy is on fire right now. The Wyatt Family on the other hand is losing some momentum and may soon not be looked at as a serious threat in the eyes of fans. Bray is a good promo guy, but he can only do so much on the mic to keep things going. I think the Wyatt Family could use the win here, and I don’t think Bryan losing will hurt him anymore than the terrible booking that happened in the late months of 2013. I’ll go with Bray here.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt

Mike Gojira:  This has been one hell of an entertaining feud but I think it’s time Bryan moves on to bigger and better things.  Wyatt can always be revisited once Bryan becomes WWE Champion anyway, so there’s no need to prolong this chapter of their story any longer.

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

Chris Sanders:  I wanted to see this match happen but the problem is that I wanted to see the match happen back in December. Nevertheless, the match is happening and there’s a chance Bryan will not be in the Rumble because of it and I’ve come to accept that. I’ve accepted that because it’s a Daniel Bryan match and that’s special in itself. Add that to how rare it is to have Bray actually wrestling in a PPV match. I’m not sure if Bray rarely wrestling is by design or WWE just feel into it but the byproduct of it is that it feels a little bit more special when he actually does. I was really impressed by Bray in his match against Kofi back at Battleground and I’ve been waiting for a follow-up with the right opponent. There will not be a better opponent than Daniel Bryan.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Rhett Davis:  I think the best way for this to go is if Bray Wyatt wins this match and then proceeds to destroy Bryan with the help of Harper and Rowan.  Destroying Bryan makes it look like Bryan won’t return for the Rumble.  Oh little did they know…

Winner:  Bray Wyatt

People Power:  With 81% of the vote, Daniel Bryan wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Daniel Bryan – 7

Bray Wyatt – 3


The Heyman Guys Collision

Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show


Camden Fordyce:  Easiest pick on the card. Lesnar’s in it to win it. Style points count and I expect him to look ruthless in the end.

Winner:  Brock Lesner

John Kincaid:  Lesnar has been back with the company for almost two years and has been used correctly for about two months total.  His return and the feud with John Cena was decent, save for the ending of their match at Extreme Rules 2012.  I did not mind Cena winning the match, but it should have been by desperate small package when Brock went for one F5 too many (versus nailing the Attitude Adjustment).  That should have led to Cena doing a stretcher job from a post-match beatdown and several weeks off air to sell Lesnar as a monster.  The other proper use of Lesnar was in the Punk/Heyman feud and the phenomenal match from this past SummerSlam.  Other than that, he has had a meandering, listless, and never-ending feud with Triple H that did nothing for anyone and is universally condemned.  Again, I laid out the best way to bring Brock in for Wrestlemania season, with him facing (and beating) Cena here at the Rumble for the WWE Title before ultimately losing to Bryan at Wrestlemania.  Show on the other hand is the veteran who always is kept near the top of the card because of his size.  While he has his moments where he is funny and entertaining (his impersonation of Heyman this past week on Raw as an example), his work ethic has always been spotty.  He has made little effort to improve himself because no matter how many times he was ordered to lose weight or get in shape, it always was an empty threat as he still received a main event push.  This match is here to help build up Lesnar as a monster in preparation for his Wrestlemania feud.  At this point, I have no clue what that will be (possibilities: Undertaker or a returning Rock).  Make sure your volume is set at a low level so Cole doesn’t blow your eardrums out when he marvels at the never before seen (in the last 10 years) feat of Big Show being nailed with an F5.

Winner:  Brock Lesnar

David Spain:  So, Lesnar’s getting a title shot at the next PPV and will probably be doing something important at WrestleMania. Big Show…the opposite of that. And as hilarious as it’s been to hear Michael Cole freaking out about the larger of two athletes overpowering his smaller opponent, I think we’re going to see a repeat of every Big Show/Lesnar match from 2002-2003. Only slower. And less exciting. And just generally worse in every way.


CB:  Brock Lesnar must love the fact that he left UFC so he could get in boring-ass feuds with HHH and now Big Show. Jeez.

Winner:  Brock Lesnar

Jeff Heatherly:  Clearly, WWE has some sort of plan for Brock and I doubt having him fall to someone currently inconsequential like Show is part of it. Brock wins and then we’ll see what his role is for Wrestlemania. (Fingers crossed we get to see a Royal Rumble Match take place in a collapsed ring.)

Winner:  Brock Lesnar

Justin C:  Here’s your stone cold lock of the night. Brock Lesnar is not losing to the Big Show. And I really wish this match wasn’t happening. I’d much rather see Mark Henry given the chance, or even Big E coming out and sticking up for Henry, giving Big E the rub from just working with Lesnar. Instead, we will get a slow plodding match that will probably end with Lesnar putting Big Show through a table with the F5. Lesnar moves on to a WWE Title match at Elimination Chamber. Big Show goes back to mid-card obscurity (where he should stay for the rest of his career)

Winner:  Brock Lesnar

Mike Gojira:  Only one guy needs actual momentum from this match, and that’s the Beast Incarnate.  How great would it be if they broke the ring again and the Royal Rumble was forced to happen in such a massive wreck?

Winner:  Brock Lesnar

Chris Sanders:  I’ve found myself anticipating Brock’s next match with high excitement coming off of the great match he had against Punk. WWE has ruined that excitement by having Brock fight Show. However, the Rumble doesn’t need either man in that match so I guess this is a way to keep both away. Athough I would consider this a waste of one of Brock’s appearances.

Winner:  Brock Lesnar

Rhett Davis:  Let’s hope that Show doesn’t win this.  It makes no sense.  This is a waste of a match, but probably just gave us a reason not to have Show in the Rumble.  Why not have Brock fight someone who he’s never fought?  Brock/Dolph would’ve been highly entertaining even if we knew Brock was going to murder Dolph.

Winner:  Bawk Lesnar

People Power:  With 86% of the vote, Brock Lesnar wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Brock Lesnar – 10

Big Show – 0


WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena


Camden Fordyce:  With all the rumored matches for Mania, Randy Orton seems to be the hardest guy to pair up. This match clearly sets up the path that the WWE will take. Logical Mania opponents for Orton would be Daniel Bryan or Batista. But he has to be champion for either one of these matches to happen. Doesn’t he?

Winner:  Randy Orton

John Kincaid:  I had to go over to the WWE website to double check the stipulations for this match.  As they quote Stephanie McMahon in the promo article, the match “will be no stipulations, no interference …one fall to a finish and will end by pinfall or submission.”  On one hand, they try to make it sound like it is a no disqualification match.  However, it is clear that it is just a standard match, with them trying to cleverly reword it so it sounds more epic than it is.  The build-up for this match has been so uninspiring, it feels like no one thought past TLC what to do with the newly unified championship.  The rematch feels unnecessary because Orton clearly and definitively won on his own.  A rematch would be justified if there had been a more nail-biting finish, interference, or something that left some doubt a about the validity of the win.  Hell, at least let Cena and Orton argue (not McMahon mandate) about who the better Superstar is in a standard bout, without the assistance of the foreign objects of the TLC match.  The WWE has pushed this match thinking Cena/Orton sells itself.  Unfortunately, given how many times we have seen this match, this one has needed the most build-up.  As for the winner, I see Orton retaining as we are likely getting a face winning the Rumble who will need a heel opponent for his chase.  What does that leave for Cena?  Again, possibly the Undertaker, or even (by the Deities forbid) Thrice in a Lifetime with the Rock for their rubber match.

Winner (and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion):  Randy Orton

David Spain: As much fun as it would be to see, I really don’t see us getting the ungodly mauling of Randy Orton by the guy with the guaranteed title shot, Mr Eat Sleep Conquer Retreat. Plus, Orton spends most of his time running away from Cena…so, yep, it’s going to be a Cena victory and Cena vs. Lesnar II, so Cena can beat Lesnar again.

Winner (and new champion): John Cena

CB:  Whether it’s clean or not, I think Randy Orton must retain here. After all, I just don’t feel like his title run has told a complete story just yet, and this seems more like the mid-way point of his title reign than a conclusion. Also, Cena doesn’t need anymore title runs at the moment, if ever.

Winner:  Randy Orton

Jeff Heatherly:  I’m torn; mostly out of apathy, but also because I can’t decide if WWE would let a milestone Wrestlemania go by without their biggest name at least walking in with their top prize. Narratively, it would make more sense for Orton to continue holding the gold; but in the more and more likely event that Daniel Bryan is a non-factor in the title scene heading to New Orleans, there’s really only one answer.

Winner and NEW Champion:  John Cena

Justin C:  This all involves looking ahead to Wrestlemania. And as evidence as this past Monday on RAW, the WWE is on their last legs with these two. When you look at Wrestlemania, Randy Orton needs the WWE Title more than John Cena does. Cena is a big enough star on his own that his match will seem important without the Title. Orton on the other hand would somewhat be an afterthought without the Title. So I think Orton retains here, and they either do an Orton/Lesnar match at Elimination Chamber or throw Cena in and make it a Triple Threat. I don’t like the idea of hot-shotting the WWE Title in the months leading to Wrestlemania.

Winner:  Randy Orton

Mike Gojira:  I’m always entertained by a fresh match-up from time to time…….so why the hell are we stuck with this shit?  Get Cena out of the damn title picture already.  Besides, if he wins we get stuck with Orton/Cena 3 after this with Randy’s rematch.  Logic dictates….

Winner:  Randy Orton

Chris Sanders:  These two really are interchangeable to the point where it really doesn’t matter who wins and I’m assuming with all these returning big guys that are aiming for the championship that all these guys are going to be involved in the Elimination Chamber next month. But just so Randy doesn’t have to use a rematch clause, I’ll say that he wins.

Winner:  Randy Orton

Rhett Davis:  Orton vs. Cena #43553.  This one should be better than all the rest.  Right?  I think Orton wins, but I’m not sure how it happens.  Does he win by DQ?  Does he win straight up?  Can heels do that anymore?  I’ll say that Cena gets surprised by the return of… The Undertaker which causes Orton to RKO him for the win.

Winner (and STILL WWE Heavyweight Champion):  Randy Orton

People Power:  With 76% of the vote, Randy Orton wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Randy Orton – 8

John Cena – 2


Royal Rumble Match

Who will win?

Camden Fordyce:  Batista seems to be the favorite to face Orton or Lesnar (rumored). Undertaker could be a surprise to face Lesner or Cena (both rumored matches).  But in the end I’m sticking with the hottest man in the company! A man that needs the strap to validate his standing as the face of the company!

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

John Kincaid:  So the big question is whether or not Daniel Bryan is actually in the match.  Will they leave him out because they have another plan with him?  Are they toying with “smart” fans by not clearly stating he is in the match?  CB and I have talked about this in respective columns that Daniel Bryan’s storyline starting at SummerSlam and culminating with victory at Wrestlemania is a classic hero’s tale that is such low hanging fruit it is astonishing if they do not go for it.  I am laying out a mission for anyone who will be at the Rumble live.  Starting at entrant 21, if Daniel Bryan has not come out yet, when the clock starts counting down, get everyone around you to start chanting “Yes” and doing the finger point instead of the countdown.  If Bryan does not come out, start the “No” chant with gesture.  Repeat until Bryan or entrant 30 comes out.  If Bryan does not come out, get a Daniel Bryan chant going for as long as possible.  As for the match itself, we have 20 confirmed participants, leaving 10 unnamed entrants.  I figure one of the spots will go to an NXT roster member.  There will be about two spots for Legends, and I think one of those will belong to Jake the Snake.  I could see the Undertaker getting a spot in order to allow him to have some revenge on the Shield from their feud after Wrestlemania last year.  Kane will probably get a spot in an effort to eliminate Punk.  Rhett had Wade Barrett listed, but he was not on the WWE’s official list on their site, but he seems like an appropriate filler body.  I would also put money on Santino Marella making an appearance for the comedy spot.  You could also make an argument that Ryback or Curtis Axel will also get a spot.  I also think Lesnar will pull double duty.  That’s nine already.  I will round out the list and have faith that Daniel Bryan gets a spot.  For storylines in the match, I see them picking back up the dissolution of the Shield.  I see Reigns having a huge performance in the match (like his Survivor Series run).  I could see a spot with the Undertaker where Ambrose goes to eliminate both Rollins and Reigns along with the Undertaker, but Reigns holds on only to go and eliminate Ambrose.  I mentioned above, I see Goldust and Cody clashing to set up a Wrestlemania bout.  Kane and Punk will clash, with Kane eliminating him.  Also expect Kofi to pull off some cool spot outside the ring where he avoids elimination.

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

David Spain: As to the winner, it’s tough picking one out here. Remember the mid-2000s, where you could see them coming a mile off? Looking at the favourites, I’d say…not Batista: his future’s too uncertain. Langston has his own thing, so not him. Punk’s going to have Authority-related business, so he’s excused. Honestly, I’m tempted to say Roman Reigns. Bryan’s not 100% confirmed to my knowledge, and Creative aren’t exactly fans of the slow build. I wouldn’t put it past them to push him big-time.

Winner: Roman Reigns

CB: Though I still prefer Bryan if he can sneak in somehow and win the Rumble match…

Winner:  If Cena is champion, Roman Reigns. If Orton is champion, Batista.

Jeff Heatherly:  I’ve been trying really hard to give WWE the benefit of the doubt lately. Even though we’re heading for an anniversary edition of Wrestlemania, I don’t think they’d be foolish enough to toss someone who’s clearly just–for lack of a better phrase–a sweeps stunt (Batista, Brock, a surprise entrant) into the fray for their top belt. After all the renewed focus on CM Punk these past few weeks (especially his being named the #1 entrant), I think we’re looking at a long-haul, feel-good victory for the man who is–in simplest terms–a VERY close second to the person we really wanted to see win it all.

Winner:  CM Punk

Justin C:  For me, there are really only three options for this match: Batista, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Bryan isn’t announced for the match but would make an awesome #30 entrant as a surprise. It seems like a lock that Punk is going into a feud with HHH. Batista cameback and looks to be the favorite. I’m going with my heart here and picking Bryan to win, eliminating CM Punk at the end. My head tells me Batista but since I will be at the show, I want the best result possible. My darkhorse candidate is Roman Reigns.

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

Mike Gojira:  I can honestly say I’m looking forward to this year’s Rumble as there are multiple people who are eligible for the glory of winning the whole damn thing.  The only one I’m not clamoring to see win is Batista, as he shouldn’t be headlining Wrestlemania in a title match.  If he’s sticking around for two years, he has all the time in the world.

Winner (if Daniel Bryan does not appear):  CM Punk

Winner (if Daniel Bryan is in the match):  Daniel Bryan

Chris Sanders:  The Best In the World

Winner:  CM Punk

Rhett Davis:  I’m excited for this Royal Rumble match!  There are several, several paths that the WWE could go after this Sunday.  CM Punk, Roman Reigns, Batista, and Daniel Bryan are all likely winners for this Sunday.  Plus you have to keep in consideration possible returns by Sheamus, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Jake Roberts, and Rob Van Dam.  Then you can’t count out possible double duties by Brock, Cena, Bray, Bryan, or Orton.  I just hope they have a bunch of fun inner rivalries within the Rumble match itself that seems to be missing the last few years.  Now what I think will happen… #30 will be drawn by one of the Wyatts (Rowan probably).  Around entrant number 27, Rowan will be shown backstage knocked out.  As #30 approaches, YESes fill the arena, and Bryan’s music hits.  He wobbles down to the ring after the beating sustained by The Wyatts earlier.  He winds down to the end and wins it all.

Winner:  Mah Boi D-Bry!

People Power:  With 32% of the vote, Daniel Bryan wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Daniel Bryan – 5.5

CM Punk – 2.5

Roman Reigns – 1.5

Batista – 0.5

Who will last the longest in the Rumble?

Camden Fordyce:  CM Punk

Well since CM Punk enters at #1, it stands to reason being a PTPer, that he will post the most minutes.

John Kincaid:  CM Punk

David Spain:  Stamina Award – CM Punk

So, we’re looking at a way to get a guy over at mid-level? Okay, so who could use a rub? Yeah, damn near everyone. But seriously, I think whereas Rollins or Langston could take such a role and run with it, survival is going to be an integral part of CM Punk’s story, what with him entering at number one. Making his elimination all the more tragic.

CB:  CM Punk

Especially since he is entering at #1.

Jeff Heatherly:  CM Punk

Justin C:  CM Punk

Him being announced as the #1 entrant almost makes this a lock.

Mike Gojira:  CM Punk

Chris Sanders:  CM Punk

Rhett Davis:  CM Punk

Hard to argue with the guy being announced at #1 that he won’t be the longest lasting.

People Power:  CM Punk receives the ‘People Power’ pick thanks to the survey.

The Tally:  CM Punk – 10


Who will be the first to be eliminated?

Camden Fordyce:  Fandango

Well I’m gonna go with Fandango. Will get a decent pop then make a decent flop.

John Kincaid:  R-Truth

David Spain:  ‘King Makes a Lame Joke’ Award – Bad News Barrett

Despite entering first, almost certainly not Punk. Tricky one this: it could be a comedic, speedy elimination, or it could just be a guy with a low number. But, looking at this in a comedic light…I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for Barrett. Bonus points if he talks smack on his way to the ring, only to get tossed immediately.

CB:  Heath Slater

Jeff Heatherly:  Wade Barrett

Justin C:  Damien Sandow

No reason, just a hunch.

Mike Gojira:  A Midcarder

How can you predict something like this?

Chris Sanders:  Xavier Woods

Rhett Davis:  Fandango

It would just be funny to see him dance all the way to the ring, get in the ring dancing, then Punk drop kick him over the top rope.  This question was more for kicks anyways.

People Power:  Heath Slater receives the ‘People Power’ pick thanks to the survey.

The Tally:  Fandango – 2

‘Bad News’ Wade Barrett – 2

Heath Slater – 2

R-Truth – 1

Damien Sandow – 1

A Midcarder – 1

Xavier Woods – 1

Who will be the last to be eliminated?

Camden Fordyce:  CM Punk

I’m gonna pick CM Punk because he’s probably the only guy I have left in the final four that Daniel Bryan could actually throw out of the ring!

John Kincaid:  Lesnar

David Spain:  The ‘All the Credit in the World’ Award – Batista

So, a guy who can make the winner look like he seriously earned it. If you wanted to give my pick, Reigns, the ultimate rub, then have it be Batista and have it be a slobberknocker. Pass that torch, Dave.

CB:  Roman Reigns

Jeff Heatherly:  Batista

Justin C:  CM Punk

No matter what I think this happens.

Mike Gojira:  Batista

Chris Sanders:  Triple H

Rhett Davis:  Batista

This one I dwelled on for a few.  I still see Daniel Bryan winning it, and, as cool as seeing him one on one with Punk in the finale, I don’t see Punk lasting to the end.  So I’ll say Batista as the last mountain Bryan has to climb.

People Power:  Batista wins the ‘People Power’ pick thanks to the survey.

The Tally:  Batista – 5

CM Punk – 2

Brock Lesnar – 1

Roman Reigns – 1

Triple H – 1

Who will be in the Final Four?

Camden Fordyce: Batista, Roman Reigns, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan.

Punk is a lock IMO since it’s his only gig of the night, Batista being the favorite and all, Reigns being big enough to square up with Batista and having help for most of the Rumble seems to work in my mind, and Bryan of course.

John Kincaid:  Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Batista, Brock Lesnar

David Spain:  The ‘Deep in the Fourth Quarter’ Award – Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Roman Reigns, and Batista

I remember Rey used to be good in this role, so him. Roman, sure. Batista, going off previously-employed logic. Leaving the last guy…why not Punk? Let him get this far, then let the Authority screw him or Roman dispose of him.

CB:  CM Punk, Kane, Roman Reigns, Batista

Jeff Heatherly:  CM Punk, Batista, Kofi Kingston and Damien Sandow.

Justin C:  Roman Reigns, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Batista

Mike Gojira: CM Punk, Batista, Roman Reigns, Sheamus

Daniel Bryan is interchangeable with one of these participants if he’s in the Rumble.

Chris Sanders:  CM Punk, Triple H, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Rhett Davis:  Daniel Bryan, Batista, CM Punk, and Kane

Kane could easily be substituted for Sheamus or Jericho if they’re in the Rumble.  CM Punk is distracted by Triple H coming down to the ring, Kane eliminates him roughly, taunts turns into Batista who throws him out.  That leaves Batista vs. Daniel Bryan.

People Power:  Batista, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Roman Reigns win the ‘People Power’ pick thanks to the survey.

The Tally:  CM Punk – 9

Batista – 9

Roman Reigns – 8

Daniel Bryan – 8

Kane – 2

Brock Lesnar – 1

Rey Mysterio – 1

Kofi Kingston – 1

Damien Sandow – 1

Seth Rollins – 1


Who will be the last entrant (#30)?

Camden Fordyce:  Daniel Bryan.

He comes out to a huge surprise pop and crowd helps put him over the top after losing to Wyatt.

John Kincaid:  Wade Barrett

David Spain:  The ‘Can’t Think of a Name’ Award – Sheamus

It doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything, but it’d be nice if the last guy got a big reaction. So, I guess it could either be a big name or a big comeback. Isn’t Sheamus coming back soon or something?

CB:  Kane

Who will eliminate Punk after Punk got through everyone else who the Authority had attack him during the match.

Jeff Heatherly:  Batista

Justin C:  Daniel Bryan

Mike Gojira:  Sheamus

Chris Sanders:  Triple H

Rhett Davis:  Daniel Bryan

The crowd is going nuts in anticipation for the #30 entrant, Bryan’s music hits, he hobbles out to the ring with the crowd losing its mind.

People Power:  Sheamus wins the ‘People Power’ pick thanks to the survey.

The Tally:  Daniel Bryan – 3

Sheamus – 3

Wade Barrett – 1

Kane – 1

Batista – 1

Triple H – 1

Who will eliminate the most people?

Camden Fordyce:  The Shield or Roman Reigns.

I think they will work together until it gets down to the end.

John Kincaid:  Roman Reigns

David Spain:  The ‘Juggernaut’ Award – Big E Langston

That’s what I love about the Rumble: so many ways to make a good impression. As I see it, there’s three contenders for this one: Batista, Reigns and Langston. So, in the interests of sharing the love, let’s say it’s Langston.

CB:  CM Punk

Jeff Heatherly:  Roman Reigns

Justin C:  Roman Reigns

He’s in for a big showing at the Rumble.

Mike Gojira:  Roman Reigns

Chris Sanders:  Roman Reigns

Possibly breaks Kane’s record?

Rhett Davis:  Roman Reigns

How do you disagree? He eliminated the most people in the Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match.  He’s looking to make a good impression here.  Big E is a notable second choice.

People Power:  Roman Reigns wins the ‘People Power’ pick thanks to the survey.

The Tally:  Roman Reigns – 8

Big E Langston – 1

CM Punk – 1


Thanks for reading and be sure to keep it tuned into Inside Pulse Wrestling for our live coverage tomorrow!

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