10 Thoughts On RAW… with FD Swayze!

Hello, Inside Pulse people. What you’re reading is the result of a bet that I made last week with Matt Harrak on Twitter during RAW when he claimed he never was a fan of Cody Rhodes. He said if I could find evidence, I could take over 10 Thoughts for this week – I took it a step further and said I wanted Swayze to have it since it’s been a long time since he graced us with one of his columns.

Obviously, this bet was resolved rather quickly (about six minutes) and here we are. To be fair to our buddy Matt, he accepted defeat gracefully and bowed out. So thanks for playing and being a good sport, Matt. All in good fun. Ladies and gentlemen, with 10 thoughts on RAW… here’s FD Swayze!




1) Stephanie sounds like a dude. HHH tries to mock the crowd in a stunning display of incompetence. And then John Cena saves Daniel Bryan. So WWE doesn’t understand at all what happened at The Royal Rumble (match).

2) Antonio Cesaro wrestled a match with three other guys nobody cares about. It was pretty good.

3) WWE has set up a countdown until the WWE Network launches. It’s their Doomsday Clock.

4) Nobody cares about R-Truth or Fandango.

5) There is a deafening silence for Batista and Randy Orton. Which is strange because these two are supposed to be stars in WWE or something. And the crowd chants for Daniel Bryan. So they bring out Brock Lesnar. This is a lot of pyro to waste.

6) No time for Dolph Ziggler’s intro. We have to get the battle for Cleveland underway! The crowd isn’t crapping all over this match, so I hope the rest of the roster is also from Cleveland. Ziggler wins, so I guess he’s the mayor now.

7) Ryback and Axel McNugget are having a match with The Usos that nobody cares about. They aren’t even ‘Goldberg’ing him. And WWE isn’t even letting him win. Will Ryback and McWhatever lose to Yoshi Tatsu and JTG next week? Only time will tell.

8) They replayed that jump Kofi Kingston pulled off at Royal Rumble. I thought the NXT guy put him on the wrong side and there was no way he was going to be able to make that jump without the steps there. That was pretty awesome.

9) Maybe it’s just me, but the big WRESTLEMANIA sign they hang up that everyone points to reminds me of the XFL logo.

10) Wow do I not care about this show. I’m posting this an hour before the show is over because that’s how much I care about it. But I do want to thank Matt Harrak for letting me do this. While I may not agree with his all of his views about pro wrestling, you can’t deny the guy is a good writer, hard worker, and an all-around nice guy. Thanks bro.

Peace and love, peace and love. Leave me the fuck alone, peace and love.


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