New Star Wars Black Line-Up Rumors Surface

New rumored listings for both scales of the Star Wars Black line have hit the ‘net!

The Black Series 3.75″
-#20 Ep3 Darth Vader (Star Destroyer)
-#21 Ep5 Luke Jedi Training (Dagobah)
-#22 Ep5 Yoda Yedi Training (Dagobah)
-#23 Ep5 Toryn Farr (Hoth)
-#24 Ep5 Snowtrooper Commander (Hoth)
-#25 Ep5 Wedge (Snowtrooper) (new head/helmet)
-R5 Droid
-Ep6 Sgt. Doallyn
-Ep6 Ree Yees
-Ep5 Hoth Luke “Wampa Attack” (new head)
-Ep5 Hoth Han Solo’s “Search For Luke”
-Ep5 Darth Vader “Yoda’s Test” (new head)

The Black Series 6″
-#09 Ep4 Stormtrooper
-#10 Ep3 Obi-Wan Kenobi
-#11 Ep5 Luke Bespin
-#12 Ep3 Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)
-#13 Ep4 Chewbacca
-EpII Clone Trooper
-Ep6 Darth Vader
-Ep6 Luke Jedi

These have not been confirmed by Hasbro, but they seem to be on par with what we have seen so far.

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