CB’s Slant: On CM Punk Leaving WWE

The loss of CM Punk during the Road to WrestleMania XXX is absolutely huge. I don’t care how this gets spun or rationalized by either Punk himself or WWE, the fact of the matter is that CM Punk is one of the most entertaining workhorse wrestlers in the history of wrestling.

Punk has it all, except the necessary time off built into his contract to take a mental and physical break from the grind. EVERY WRESTLER should have a built in offseason, and unfortunately this will never happen and stuff like this will continue to occur.

I don’t care where CM Punk was on any card, because to me he was always THE ONE to watch, and listen to, and admire. He still will be that guy whenever he comes back to wrestling — if he ever comes back to wrestling.

Even with the rapid ascent of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk was still appreciated and respected and cheered for no matter what else the crowd was chanting against.

Punk was as close to the anti-Cena, anti-Miz and anti-corporate shills as we will ever see in WWE in the modern era, and I will miss his presence on otherwise (mostly) unwatchable shows.

Punk’s loss is something that will reverberate for a very long time in WWE, and I hope he comes back for one more run — some way, somehow — in wrestling … but ONLY when he’s ready.

We sure as hell will be.

That’s all from me — CB.

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