Teen Titans #27 Spoilers: Which Titan Turns On The Team During The Trial Of Kid Flash? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

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The Teen Titans have been thrust into the future of the DC Comics New 52 after losing a battle to Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate during Forever Evil. In that future we learned that Bart Allen, a.k.a. Kid Flash, was not who he seemed last issue. This issue continues his trial for his alleged crimes as the series marches to its cancellation.

SPOILERS for Teen Titans #27 follow.

The free preview to the issue revealed the two covers to the book and the first shackled image of Kid Flash in the issue.

What follows are strange pages that reveal the start of the show trial of Kid Flash and reveal a traitor amongst the team! And, I’m NOT talking about the evil Superboy hiding in plain sight.

Bart Allen a.k.a. Bar Torr a.k.a. Kid Flash certainly looks evil. Is this the way for DC Comics to clear the deck for the New 52’s Wally West in April 2014 or is Bart being manipulated or is that really Interia – the reverse Kid Flash (actually Kid Zoom for a nanosecond pre-New 52) essentially – instead of Bart?

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