Happy Days May DVD Release Sees The Fonz (And The Series) Jump The Shark

The legendary moment the inspired the phrase “Jump the Shark” is finally coming to home video. CBS DVD has announced that Happy Days: The Fifth Season will be released on May 20, 2014. What does “Jump the Shark” mean? Well during the fifth season, the Happy Days gang went out to California. In order to top the episode with the Fonz jumping garbage cans, the put him on water skis and launched him over a shark pen. For many fans of the series, it was somehow when they stopped loving the show. Although the show didn’t lose that many fans since it still was at the top of the ratings for the next few seasons. There was still six more seasons before it finally ended so “jumping the shark” wasn’t fatal. There’s also the joy of seeing rocker Suzi Quatro arrive as Leather Tuscadero. Here’s a preview of the box art.