All-New Marvel Now Numerhoaxology: Trial Of Jean Grey’s TWO #1’s With All New X-Men #22.NOW & Guardians Of The Galaxy #11.NOW? (Marvel Comics In Review)

Earlier this week, I revealed the controversy around the All-New Marvel Now branding and storyline disconnect.

Some felt that the piece was reasonable others thought I was too heated and another group thought numbering doesn’t matter.

I now call the Marvel math branding approach: Numerhoaxology.

    nu·mer·hoax·ol·o·gy [noo-muhr-hohks-ol-uh-jee]

    The study of numbers intended to deceive or defraud and influence the purchasing behavior of another.

Now, I’m not commenting on how good All-New X-Men #22.NOW or Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW are, or why they need “.NOW” in their numbering, but how can BOTH books be a #1 for the Trial of Jean Grey arc?

Any illumination you kind readers can provide me would be appreciated. This is either (a) a mistake or (b) a fake #1 on Guardians of the Galaxy #11 to dupe you into thinking it’s GotG #1 or Trial of Jean Grey #1 or both. I don’t see another option outside of (a) or (b), but if you do let me know.

The Comics Nexus review of All-New X-Men #22 can be found here and a Guardians of the Galaxy #11 review is here.

Also, check out HowToLoveComics.Com Trial of Jean Grey checklist below. Guardians of the Galaxy #11, based on reading order, is Part 2 not Part 1 redux.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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