Forever Heel: The Great Mark Uprising


I always said that pro wrestling and lying go together like peanut butter and chocolate. I really don’t know if this was meant to happen, but fans really hate WWE’s direction. They also feel that the only thing worse than WWE’s direction is TNA’s direction. Instead of just propping up Triple H and Steph as generic heel authority figures, they seem to be using WWE management and creative to push their boys. This is very similar to Vince pushing the Rock in ’97 and ’98. In those days The Rock was a favorite of Vince’s, backstage. Vince and The Rock didn’t fit together storyline wise.  Vince still gave the IC Belt to the Rock, who was a lackey in The Nation of Domination at the time. In the summer of 1998 Vince would arbitrarily call on Rock to soften up Austin before big matches. Rock was embroiled in a feud with DX at the time and had no connection to any of Austin’s big storylines. This Rock/Vince love fest lead to Rock winning the WWE Title at Survivor Series, and openly becoming Vince’s chosen champion. That same night, Mankind was screwed out of the title. Most fans didn’t believe Mankind would be allowed to have the WWE Championship. They felt that Vince couldn’t take Mankind as a serious champ, and most fans felt the same way.  Fans still loved Mankind, and emotionally invested themselves in his storylines. I mean how many of us look at Undertaker as a dick over what happened at King of the Ring’ 98? We didn’t think any side of Foley would win the WWE Belt, but it was okay because we just wanted to see where his journey took him.

Present Day WWE    There is a lot going on here that’s similar to Foley vs Rock. This seems to be too many stupid decisions for this whole thing to be chalked up to WWE creative being stupid. Most Fb marks are pissed about Bryan not being in The Rumble, and then having Batista win. They scream about WWE not pushing Bryan enough, and how they’re not buying WrestleMania 30. They are pissed because WWE isn’t pushing the guys they like. These are the fans WWE is preying on, and want. They have no idea how convenient it is that Triple H’s hand-picked champion, Orton is facing Triple H’s other best buddy, Batista at WrestleMania 30. It’s also ironic that Sheamus is in the Elimination Chamber after the Wyatts conveniently made a run in, causing  Sheamus and his team to win entry by DQ. Sheamus has fared well against Cena, Christian, and Bryan. Sheamus could either help Orton keep the belt, or take it for himself as the new Face of the Company. I doubt the latter, but I wanted to throw it out there. Even if Sheamus doesn’t turn at EC that doesn’t mean he’ll stay a face until Mania. All the sudden Triple H has three main event buddies.

Fans also love Bryan, and have watched him get held down for the last three months. They’ve been so pissed that some of them demanded refunds for WWE ppv’s where Bryan lost. Fans are starting to believe that Bryan is never going to get a push, and that WWE is deliberately screwing with fans now. Maybe WWE was in 2012, but they might think different now? Fans like Bryan, and they want him to do well. They know about his hard work and 10 years in the indies, how he likes cats, and how his dog recently died. Fans want him to be where Batista and Orton are at. After all Orton has pissed away more opportunity than Bryan was ever offered, and Batista was handed his push because of his size (or that’s how we’re supposed to think). I believe Bryan will win in the end, I’m just worried that it will not be fulfilling when it does.

CM Punk  I just heard Punk left WWE. This looks a bit kayfabey as well. The fact that the other favorite guy has all the sudden left is pretty convenient as well. We’ve heard about Punk being hurt, and we all know he doesn’t use pain medication. We know that he’s always stating his opinion on wrestlers. I cant see him being happy about Ultimate Warrior getting in the HOF, or Hogan stealing more spotlight. We already know he was disappointed in Batista’s win. Why wouldn’t he leave?

Final Thought on WWE’s Authority This could all be true. We could believe Triple H won’t accept Bryan as champ, because Vince always made money with big men. That CM Punk is a lost cause, and that WWE feels they’re better off without him. Punk also has enough money to live the rest of his life away from wrestling forever. WWE has also been sending PWinsider signals that point to Roman Reigns, and Big E getting baby face pushes. It’s not a stretch to believe that CM Punk and Bryan could be replaced by these two big men. I mean logic dictates that big men equal money. This is believable as a work and storyline.

Conclusion and Predictions Sting will break Taker’s streak at Mania, and then claim he’s been the NWO Sting all these years, and not the real Sting. NWO Sting will then win the WWE WHC, and hand it over to Hogan. This will all end with the locker room emptying into a huge cluster fuck brawl, while Cena flies down from the bleachers in a hover board. Can pro-wrestling survive another NWO revival? I would still watch, but I also watch every wrestling show until it’s cancelled. XPW, ECW, WOW, New Japan America, USWA, WCW, MCW, Lucha Libre USA, AWA, and my favorite WSX. If it has fake fights, and absurd storylines based on those fights, I will watch.

Next Week: We follow the TNA Mark Uprising, or Occupy Dixie Land.

My Favorite Match. (I’m aware its not a clinic)


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