10 Thoughts: TNA Impact Wrestling 1.30.14 (MVP, Magnus, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle)

TNA Impact Wrestling Header 2014

1. Remember back to 2001 when Shane & Stephanie McMahon’s “Alliance” fell apart and suddenly there was a new mystery owner of the WWE that turned out to be Ric Flair? Somehow I don’t think tonight’s reveal will be as stunning…

2. Jeremy Borash just ran down about a hundred years of Scottish history and their attempt to defect from the United Kingdom in about 2 minutes without a hitch. How is this man not the color analyst and Taz is?

3. Damn is Eddie Edwards such a better talker than Davey Richards. Richards absolutely has the ring presence but Eddie’s delivery is completely natural and to the point. He should do well with TNA’s “roving camera crew” gimmick.

4. That was the first time Gunner actually impressed me with his performance – on the mic and in the ring. His promo was real, subdued but intense when it needed to be. And then he actually got in the ring, his offense is power-driven but somewhat different. He’s got potential but absolutely needs seasoning in the ring before he’s even close to being a top star.

5. Thank you, God, Allah, Yahweh, Elohim, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa et al. that Joseph Park is no more and Abyss is back. I’ve never really experienced such a bad storyline that went on for so long.

6. It’s weird but I’m loving this Samuel Shaw/Christy Hemme story is playing out. All of Shaw’s segments are shot differently & they’re obviously going for a Patrick Bateman style of look for this psycho and I like it. Of course you have to suspend your disbelief but THIS is how the Diamond Dallas Page/Undertaker storyline should have taken place years ago.

7. Just when things start to look up, Bully Ray and Ken Anderson come out to kill the show. Thank God that the live crowd is buying into this because its the epitome of a feud between two guys that never should have happened and one that’s definitely run it’s course.

8. It’s amazing how differently the WWE & TNA view their overseas tours. You’ll get one or two Raw and SmackDowns from WWE whereas TNA promotes the hell out of their shows, making their fanbase feel like these shows are once in a lifetime events. I would love to see live or tape delayed shows from Scotland, Asia or Ireland from the WWE. Sure the American and Canadian fans are great but just look at the audience TNA had tonight. Neither TNA & WWE come to their town twice a year so when these companies hold a show, they are the event they should be.

9. I LOVE it when Samoa Joe is rejuvenated and ready to work. You can already tell he’s lost a little weight & a push to the World Championship will only encourage him even more to bring back the Samoa Joe that debuted in TNA and not the one we’ve had to bear for the last few years. I’m looking forward to the Magnus/Joe feud. They worked so well together as a tag team, that chemistry is sure to translate into some great matches.

10. Alright, there’s no other way to say this, but MVP’s debut was just flat-out cool. I said on the Wrestling Pulsecast that MVP was an unexpected but good choice for TNA. He proved he could talk in the WWE and had charisma oozing out of him but he never really got to show what could do in the ring. Now his current role obviously don’t require him to get in the ring, MVP really established himself as an in-ring force once he left the WWE-style and was able to move to Japan. Just the fact that this man left the WWE in 2010 and has continuously kept his name in the news (in a GOOD way) proves that leaving the WWE might have been the best decision of his career. Whether TNA is able to capitalize on his (or The Wolves) abilities is another matter and we’ll just have to wait and see.

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