Mick Foley Approached By WWE.com For Weekly Raw Recap

Mick Foley posted a blog on his Facebook page today detailing a possible gig hosting a post-Raw show of some sort on WWE Network.

Thanks, everyone for the great feedback on my CM Punk video. This is the first video of this type that I have done in a long time, and from what I’ve read, you’s like to see them more often. I’ve been asked by WWE to do a weekly RAW wrap-up show for the WWE website, but it’s important to me that they understand that if I am going to do a show for them that it be my own perspective, and that it be honest. It’s not in my nature to just go around bashing everything I see – which is why that tweet after the Rumble resonated so deeply with so many of you. So, if I do a show for them, it will likely be a lrgely positive show, but I won’t hesitate to point out problems where I think they exist. If I end up doing the show on my own YouTube channel, you will know that we couldn’t agree on either content, philosophy or money.

My main reason for doing the video is that I just wouldn’t be able to write a piece on the Punk situation that would do him, or the scenarion justice. So we filmed it…and you liked it. Take a look at the painting behind my head in the video – it’s a beautiful watercolor by Jill Thompson, the same wonderful artist who (in addition to illustrating two of my kids books and my son’s book) did the work on that awesom CM Punk – WWE Universe shirt that has proven so popular.

That brings me to my final point. These days, I get bad headaches if I sit in front of a computer monitor for too long – the primary reason I gave my thoughts on Punk on video, instead of in a written piece. I have a limited daily window to work on a computer – maning I just don’t have the chance to respond to many questions that I get here on Facebook. As many of my Twitter followers know, I do send out frequent DM’s – so if you have a question, putting it on Twitter is the better way to go. Still, I’m not going to get to everyone….so try not to pitch a fit, (as a few of you do) with name-calling and that type of thing. Let’s keep this page a dick-free zone!

For those who missed last night’s post, here is the Punk video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSr-5yyywc8

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