Forever Evil #5 Spoilers & Preview: Sinestro Kills A Member Of Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate? Plus Lex Luthor, Batman & Variant Covers! (DC Comics New 52)

As a prelude to his new ongoing series as part of DC Comics New 52’s April 2014 solicitations, and stemming from the major cliffhanger from last month’s Forever Evil #4. Sinestro takes center stage in the spoilery preview of this week’s Forever Evil #5 via our friends at IGN.


Five covers for Forver Evil #5 including those gorgeous ones by Ethan Van Sciver.

Sinestro has Earth 3 Crime Syndicate’s Power Ring, that team’s evil Green Lantern, in his crosshairs. And, based on the last page below, it sure looks Sinestro kills Power Ring causing his Earth 3 ring to look for a new host. Who will that new host from “our” main DC New 52 Earth be?

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