10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 2.6.14 (MVP, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus)

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TNA Impact Wrestling Header 2014

1. While they did somewhat start with a backstage segment, Impact actually opened with a “match”! It’s so unusual nowadays that this is a novelty. That makes me rather sad now.

2. I always forget that Eric Young is a good worker in the ring. He’s the Santino of TNA and while it might suck always wrestling comedy matches, it must add years to their careers as well as help them remain injury-free. Granted after this match, I don’t know how EY isn’t feeling every bit of it. But dammit what the hell? Why the hell did we need this “reveal”? Enough is enough already.

3. MVP’s debut promo seemed directed at TNA and WWE and was better than anything Hogan or Bischoff put forth in their entire run with the company.

4. Bully Ray just quoted “Gansta’s Paradise”. By Coolio. I’m beginning to regret covering this show again…

…and dammit, now that song is stuck in my head!

5. HOLY CURRY MAN SIGHTING! Awwww, now a Curry Man squash. This show just makes me sadder and sadder.

6. Austin Aries = Top 5 Most Wasted Performers in Our Generation. It was nice to see someone survive a sneak attack title match. It just showed how strong Aries is as champion and it will lend credibility to whoever else can hang with him in the ring.

7. I don’t know what people are thinking when they say you can’t tell Kurt Angle is hurt when he gets in the ring. He limps to the ring, has trouble getting to the apron and can’t turn his neck. Angle may be in the worst shape than anyone else competing today and yet, he still goes out on a regular basis and competes. This man NEEDS time off and is his own worst enemy. If TNA really is putting all this pressure on him to perform, the minute his contract is up, he should be gone. I don’t care if he goes to the WWE or sits at home for the rest of his life. But if he wants it to be a long and comfortable retirement, he needs to slow down now. I honestly don’t even know if he could pass a WWE physical right now and that has nothing to do with his past substance abuse problems. His body is just in now condition to compete right now.

8. I love the fact that Chris Sabin setup this whole proposal scenario and then goes ahead and wears his own branded t-shirt under a blazer. Nice twist to the segment as well but I wish they did a competition type of angle where each person had to wrestle separate matches until someone loses. Makes much more sense than Chris Sabin vs Velvet Sky.

9. Great, quick backstage promo from Samoa Joe & the best match of the night against Bobby Roode. I’ve said it for years, a motivated Joe is a main event player. Just imagine if Samoa Joe had the experience he had now but was in the shape he was in when he debuted or wrestled for ROH. If all those pieces ever came together, I think people would be thinking of Joe as a dream match against The Undertaker and not Sting.

10. At least Dixie Carter has stopped trying to be Stephanie McMahon but she is still a terrible on-screen character. I’m surprised at how well MVP carries himself in an authority role. This the same guy who came out in chains and Power Rangers ring gear but now looks perfectly comfortable in a suit. And hey, anyway to get less Dixie and more of anyone else is all anyone can ask for.

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