RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 2.10.14 (Dean Ambrose, Antonio Cesaro, Randy Orton)

1. Feel what you want about Betty White being on Raw in any capacity but she’s one compelling lady that’s still hilarious. Of course I wasn’t crazy about the weird tea-swapping thing with NAOs but everything before that was fine. For the amount of effort that went into talking up her appearance, you would think WWE would’ve used her more on the broadcast. Instead, I think she may have been on the show a total of 5 minutes out of the entire 3 hours. And yes, it is hypocritical for me to harp on how dumb it is to have celebrity guests on Raw and then advocate for more time be dedicated for this guest. However, certain guests are not entertaining in the slightest. Michael Strahan is the worst but I’ll watch some Betty White without hesitation, same goes for Muppets because I still have a soul. Also, I thought for a brief second that Stephanie was going to demand that Big Show knock out Betty White.

2. I’m becoming increasingly more suspicious that the WWE creative staff is just copy-and-pasting their opening promo segments with Authority and Randy. Also, it’s ironic how Orton was going on about wanting to do more promotional appearances at talk shows as he was stumbling and having a hard time remembering his lines.

3. Putting Cesaro in the Chamber match just makes sense and it really needs to be just a matter of time before we see him in the main events consistently…if we lived in a perfect world. Although the day he does move on in singles will be a sad day for Swagger but suddenly, I find myself (and others) not completely hating him as much due to his association with Cesaro. Also, I know this is going to sound really superficial but the person that was responsible for Christian’s spray tan needs to be fired and forever unemployed because he looked like the Jolly Green Canadian tonight.

4. The CM Punk chant attempts were much better than Omaha last week, as expected, but still seemed to give up very easily. Again, this might mean nothing but you would think that if fans were truly enraged, they would make a greater noise about it and you know that the longer this goes on, the less vocal they will become. Not saying that the fans really have a say in the matter by any stretch of the imagination, I just like studying people, I suppose.

5. As much as I dislike Mysterio and as many times as I scoffed at every incredibly dumb 619 set-up, the end of the 6-man tag match was pretty cool. And the only bit of it that I give credit to Mysterio is that he did a great job of getting caught by Bray. I’m glad to see Bray actually wrestling more and more now. It’s nice to see a great bit of wrestling skill is there to accommodate his captivating mic work. Also, I’m just accepting the fact that Goldust can do no wrong at this point…Cody isn’t too back either, just needs to leave the high-flying cage stuff to more capable hands.

6. Remember that time when Del Rio and Ziggler had one of the best matches of 2013 and it took Del Rio A LOT of head shots and time to finally get the win over Ziggler? Well WWE certainly doesn’t because ADR squashed Ziggler as if he was mistaken for Zack Ryder. Remember how hopes had been raised when Ziggler came back to the Rumble and looked pretty good? Those hopes have been buried all over again.

7. I gotta hand it to Miz, I was kinda pissed to sit through a Fandango and Santino match too. I mean, I wasn’t so pissed that I’d rather see a Miz match but I like the effort.

8. Of all the names floating in my head to face Dean, (rumors of Stone Cold being backstage, Roman Reigns taking a chance, Pikachu, even Evan Bourne finally returning) and we got almost the worst possible outcome with Mark Henry (only Khali surpasses Henry’s horribleness). I’d like to believe this is ultimately Blair’s fault because he truly is “Hump Douglas: Henry Whisperer.”

9. Seems like Kane’s suspension or whatever it was called was under the “Cena is fired” rules which means he can still show up whenever he feels like and grab a live microphone. And then Bryan came out to ruin all my hopes that there might be a Team Friendship one day. Why can we just use our words?

10. I’ve been led to believe Cena/Orton was finished a long time ago, why would I believe them now when it’s a random match on Raw that’s not for any championship and both men are involved in the same EC match in two weeks? WWE burned me once before in believe we’d never see Cena/Ortan again, I shall never be led to believe that again.

Bonus Thought: Many many congratulations to Lita for being announce for the Hall of Fame. Well deserved.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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