Batman #28 Spoilers: Batman Eternal Begins With Two Huge Debuts! Batman Replaces Robin So Soon? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

The Batman ongoing leaps back six months into the future after Zero Year to provide a prelude to the weekly maxi-series Batman Eternal set to debut in April 2014.

SPOILERS follow for Batman #28 and its Batman Eternal prelude.

After months of speculation after the debut of street kid Harper Row, and trying piece together how she fits in the Batman mythos particularly its Robins, we get the answer in Batman #28. Harper Row’s fate revealed! She is Batman’s newest kid sidekick: Bluebird!

However, Catwoman has the cure for the war that’s waged in Gotham City which will be a centerpiece of the Batman Eternal maxi-series. Her secret weapon also doubles as a stealth debut of a fan favorite! Instead of debuting in the April 2014 shipping Batman Eternal #3 as was overtly solicited, it looks like Batman #28 has the first proper in-continuity debut of Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler, in the DC Comics New 52!

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