Double-J Releases First Post-TNA Announcement

The following video is a short (2 minutes) long and comes across as a teaser trailer, essentially, but it is notable for being the first statement Jeff Jarrett has made since leaving TNA.

[Sorry I couldn’t embed it. Something about me being in Australia…]

My 2 cents: He puts over the WWE Network and AAA and Indian wrestling, he says he’s going to search the world for the best talent, and basically says to stay tuned. It is an appealing little video package. Good on him.

For what it’s worth… I really liked the photo on the dresser behind him. Nice touch and shows that, even all these years later, what he said at that RAW after the incident, he meant it.

I wasn’t the biggest JJ fan in the early TNA years but… I really hope this new venture works out for him. It could prove to be something positive for all wrestling fans around the world.


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