Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies…No, really.

Pro-Wrestlers vs Zombies


Do you love pro-wrestling?  I won’t tell.  Do you love zombies?  Hey, I’m not here to judge you by your taste in cliche genres.

If you gave me a “Hell yeah!” to one or both of these, have I got a movie recommendation for you…

…even if you did not say yes to either one of the previously asked questions, you probably will want to check this thing out:

You may have seen a post for this.  I think it deserves another look.  A nod.  Maybe even a hand gesture.  There’s one problem though…I can’t buy it on video and it’s not showing in my area!

I’m curious and a large part of me wants this film to prosper.  If the filmmakers have any success in bringing these two genres together, they should win the old battered, broken and taped version of the old WWE Championship belt that Mankind resurrected.  That’s high praise.

The story behind the movie is pretty cool too.  Director Cody Knotts, who quit Newspaper publishing to crowd-fund and direct this dream film may damn well be a genius for targeting two broad audiences.  Win-Win, right? In addition to being cool, the story behind the movie is short.

Something about this movie just seems incredibly simple yet ingeniously creative.  There’s no irony attached to my Pro Wrestling habit.  I watch zombie movies without fear of talking about them…why can’t I mix the two?

With the massive surge of sci-fi silliness in our nation’s movie-watching with such films as Sharknado, Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies seems like it could be a natural fit for social media blasting.

I can just see it now…

“@ZombieGeorge_3:  can’t wait to see the guts and gore! #prowrestlersvszombies”

“@CenaSucks69: can’t wait to see the bloody chair-shots and swinging neck-breakers! #prowrestlersvszombies”

The film features some of the more familiar names to sell in the squared-circle. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.  Kurt Angle.  Matt Hardy.  “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.  HOOOOOOOOOOOO!  What a cast!

Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies looks delightfully fun and incredibly gross.  I just wonder…in this storyline will the zombies sell like Dolph Ziggler  or will they botch the main event finish?

Hey Knotts, put this thing on video already, would ya?  You’ll get paid, son.

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