10 Thoughts: TNA Impact Wrestling 2.13.14 (MVP, Dixie Carter, The Wolves, Bully Ray, Ken Anderson)

TNA Impact Wrestling Header 2014

1. A Bully Ray/Mr. Anderson casket match and Velvet Sky versus Chris Sabin all on one show?! Man, I wish I was there! Oh and the briefcase/pro-wrestling relationship just needs to end now. It’s completely out of control.

2. Anyone else like TNA’s ladders better than the WWE’s black ones? I know the WWE likes to brand all of their equipment but I like that TNA’s ladder looks more like a ladder that I can walk into Home Depot and buy.

3. I know the whole idea for pairing EC3 with Magnus is for him to eventually turn on Magnus and get a babyface run. I’m just afraid his character isn’t going to translate at all as a babyface. I hope his LONG time spent in developmental gave him enough tools to adapt.

4. YAY! Now I get the BroMans and Zema Ion! At least The Wolves are finally getting in the ring even if they’re working against two guys who would be laughed out of most organizations. Decent tag team match with a few flaws. The biggest? Samoa Joe got the hot tag and the finish. I get it. You’re rebuilding Joe & he needs to be a top star for TNA but The Wolves needed to be showcased. They needed a clean win over anyone, even if they didn’t want to job the tag team champions.

5. Abyss was finally unmasked last week to reveal that Joseph Park IS Abyss and this week we get an explanation as to why? And now Park/Abyss decides to announce he’s leaving to find someone who “truly understands him”. Was this all really necessary? I get the idea of wanting to round out an angle but there’s continuity and then there’s beating a dead horse.

6. Nice and brief in-ring debut for MVP over Spud. Nothing special with MVP winning with his Shining Wizard. It’s kinda nice to have an authority figure that actually competes in the ring as well.

7. Soooo Jeff Hardy is returning as Willow? I will give them credit in that he’s promo was creepy but are we getting Jeff Hardy AND Willow in a Christopher Daniels/Suicide situation or is just Willow debuting in TNA? I’ll admit I’m intrigued.

8. Bully Ray really can just walk into a guy’s dressing room and call someone else’s wife. God I hope this feud is ending tonight.

9. That was the oddest casket match I’ve ever seen in my life. A Mic Check into the casket? Please wrestling gods let this be the end of Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson.

10. I know its essential to have these segments in order to establish the relationship between Dixie Carter and MVP but good Lord they can’t end soon enough. Carter is making MVP look like Robert De Niro in these segments and they’re starting to become physically painful to watch. I know I hit my head on my desk at least 7 times during this one segment so I can only imagine how non-TNA fans feel about Dixie’s acting.

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