DC Comics May 2014 Solicitations / Forever Evil #6 Spoilers? Female Green Lantern Power Ring Jessica Cruz Joins New 52 Justice League? (Nightwing & Teen Titans Teasers)

There’s been three big mysteries revolving around the DC Comics New 52’s current universe-spanning mini-series Forever Evil. Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate has travelled to Prime Earth to essentially enslave it after their world was decimated. In their first actions, they sent The Outsider to the main DC New 52 earth to prime the way and get that Earth’s Secret Society of Super-Villains on their side. When the Crime Syndicate first arrived on Prime Earth after that, one of their first actions was to unmask Nightwing and reveal to the world that he was Dick Grayson.

Stemming from all that the three big mysteries of Forever Evil, likely to be revealed in Forever Evil #6 are:

What’s left are the teaser house ads DC Comics ran in advance of the New 52 kick-off of Forever Evil.

That leaves the presumed female Green Lantern teaser ad for Forever Evil. Well, as a result of a recent interview by Forever Evil writer Geoff Johns, we now know that this will be the Jessica Cruz as the new Power Ring, the Earth 3’s equivalent to Green Lantern. It appears she will either join the post Forever Evil Justice League or be the focus of its opening arc. She is on the cover of May 2014’s Justice League #31 and may be on the cover of April 2014’s Justice League #30 (in the green glowing ball in the background?).

(Above, left to right: “Green Lantern” Forever Evil teaser, Justice League #31 cover and Justice League #30 cover)

Regarding, the new character Jessica Cruz, according to Johns:

    On the cover is Batman, Lex Luthor, Shazam, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman — our core Justice League team — and then the newest character to add to the DC Universe, the all-new Power Ring. She’ll be introduced post-Forever Evil as the Crime Syndicate’s Power Ring’s ring seeks out a new host and seeks out a very different kind of host for a very different kind of Lantern and chooses somebody, a brand new character we first hinted at her in Green Lantern #20, Jessica Cruz. She’ll become a pretty big player in the post-Forever Evil Justice League world. The Justice League aren’t the only super-team after her, for various reasons. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun when you see the character — and the continued interaction between Luthor and Batman — this brand new character is another wrench, along with Luthor and Cold, another wrench thrown into the mix of the Justice League team.

Jessica Cruz was first mentioned as a near future debut in Green Lantern #20. It appears that the most recent Green Lantern Simon Baz will be her mentor.

(Above, left to right: Interior art and cover to Green Lantern #20)

Also, many are speculating that Jessica Cruz will be the DC Comics New 52’s Jade as the name “Power Ring” is in a word: terrible.

Will we see her debut, or the journey to her debut as the new Power Ring, Forever Evil #6 and #7? Geoff Johns says big things are coming in both issues.

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