Justice League #28 Spoilers & Preview: What Secret Weapons Will Turn The Forever Evil Tide Against The Earth 3 Crime Syndicate? (DC Comic New 52)

Following the curious cliffhanger of Justice League #27 last month, DC Comics continues the momentum with its preview of its New 52 Justice League #28

SPOILERS follow for Justice League #28.

As we’ve seen in previous months, the previews for Justice League give a taste for the book, but there are usually other big surprises in store. In the “let’s build on last month’s cliffhanger” file, DC Comics New 52 continues to raise the profile of Cyborg. Will a Cyborg and the Metal Men series follow Forever Evil? How will he deal with a Lex Luthor led Justice League which is part of the big changes in store for DC in April 2014. Hmmm.

Anyhow, the Justice League #28 preview is below via CBR.

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