RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 2.17.14 (Cesaro, John Cena, Big E)

1. So Christian is apparently a heel now? Is that something that developed on Smackdown or is he just operating under Alicia Fox rules?

2. Seems like WWE was tempted to use Daniel Bryan for the entire first hour of the show. I’m not complaining because it’s Bryan because he can carry two straight matches. However, this Kane business is making me believe further that Daniel Bryan will lose at EC due to authority shenanigans and get the match that CM Punk was suppose to have at WM.

3. I can be pretty cynical when it comes to certain comedy bits. Team Friendship was great because there were spots or jokes here and there that were genuinely funny but still had really great matches so I was completely on board. Anything involving Santino is usually full-on “wackity-schmakity-do” type of comedy that just annoys the life out of me (although I do realize that most of it isn’t meant for people my age or older). So now this stuff with Santino and Emma is just not doing anything for me even thought I’ve heard plenty of people talk about Emma and how good she is. Maybe she is and I’ll just see in time but for now, her dumb arm dance just angers me.

4. Roman vs Mark Henry was an impressive match. I don’t mean that Mark Henry was impressive in ANY way but it was impressive in the sense of how Roman was able to move that mass of humanity with such ease. Kayfabe or not, we’ve seen Cena and Ryback struggle to lift Mark Henry within the past year and now you have Roman who lifts him up in a Samoan Drop with about as much struggle as I have pickup up one of the many cookies I consume on a regular basis.

5. Big E had a 2-on-1 handicap match against 2/3MB and yet I still considered it a handicap match in Big E’s favor. Also, everything in this match was incredibly awkward. Perhaps some of it might be Zeb’s commentary over the live mic or more likely due to the terribleness that is Jinder and McIntyre. All I know is that Big E is great in so many ways so I know it can’t be his fault. Right, guys?

6. Cesaro and Cena was a really good match and further to prove the idea that Cena can actually pull out a good match every now and then when given the right opponent. And sure, winning over Cena would’ve been huge for Cesaro but considering Cena probably is going to look unstoppable leading up to WM30. If they were actually considering Cesaro to win at EC then WWE might have entertained the idea of him winning over Cena. Honestly, I’m just glad Cesaro has gotten this mini-push just before Mania…or at all.

7. Full disclosure, when I saw the graphic of The Wyatt Family vs Los Matadores and Sin Cara, I began to laugh loudly and uncontrollably because it’s becoming painfully obvious that WWE is running out of jobbers to feed the Wyatt’s.

8. So the main event was a rematch between two guys that were involved in a match the night after WM29 in which the crowd infamously shat on and cheered when Big Show came out to end it. You would think after that legendary night, that match would simply be forever retired…maybe retired is the wrong word…banned? Orton and Sheamus have the chemistry of a sandwich that’s made up of old cookie dough and arsenic between two slices of disappointment.

9. Why did Shield interrupt the main event? One could argue that the matchup was a crime against humanity and an injustice that was in dire need of being corrected. They are all three Batman. I suppose I could’ve named other members of the Justice League depending on which closely resemble each member of Shield. However, everybody involved in Justice League not named Batman is pretty lame. Get over it.

10. Batista shoved a man wearing a neck brace. #NotAFace

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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