Ring of Honor Wrestling #126: Road Rage (Adam Cole, Chris Hero)

David L. Lawrence Convention Center – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – February 15, 2014

Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino, and Veda Scott are on commentary. Corino wishes his wife a Happy Valentine’s Day.

MATCH #1: The Romantic Touch vs. Michael Bennett

Bennett has Maria Kanellis in his corner. Touch scores a surprising early advantage, but Bennett quickly cuts him off and goes to work on the mysterious masked man. When Touch fights back, Maria distracts him (who could blame him?) and Bennett reclaims control as we head to our first commercial break.

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When we come back from the break Bennett has Touch in a prone position, but the masked man makes an impressive comeback and struts around the ring. Touch knocks Bennett to the floor, where Bennett uses Maria as a human shield. That’s just low. Bennett drills Touch with a superkick, and then takes him back in the ring for a TKO, but it only gets a two-count! Touch fights back and hits a dropkick for two when Maria gets up on the apron to distract him with some air humping. The idiot Touch offers Maria a box of chocolates, which distracts him long enough for Bennett to hit the Pepsi Twist into the Anaconda Vise for the win.

WINNER – Michael Bennett

For some reason, Veda Scott gets into an argument with The Romantic Touch at ringside, and he picks her up so she slips out and runs away. Okay then.

Coming up later, it’s The Briscoes vs. Adam Cole & Matt Hardy and Michael Elgin & Chris Hero. The Briscoes haven’t teamed together in many months, and they are excited to do so tonight.

Ring of Honor: This Is Wrestling.

MATCH #2: Three Team Elimination Tag Team Match – Michael Elgin & Chris Hero vs. The Briscoes vs. Adam Cole & Matt Hardy

We’re only 20 minutes into the show, so this should get quite a bit of time. Cole is the current ROH World Champion, and if anyone pins him in this match they will earn a future title shot. That’s an added stipulation, and we get a commercial break to let it sink in.

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Upcoming ROH Live Events include February 8 in San Antonio, February 21 and 22 in Philadelphia, March 7 in Milwaukee, March 8 in Chicago Ridge, March 22 in Dayton, and April 4 and 5 in New Orleans. Visit ROH Wrestling Dot Com for more details.

We start the match with Jay and Elgin. The two babyface teams spend the early part of the match feeling each other out, as Cole and Hardy do their best to avoid being tagged in. No one has a clear advantage and it’s time for another break.

Two weeks ago on Ring of Honor Wrestling, AJ Styles made his return to Ring of Honor with a victory over Roderick Strong, injuring the Decade member in the process. In two weeks, Styles returns to ROH TV to face Jay Lethal!

We are back and the Briscoes are in control of Hero. Finally after several minutes Hardy is forced into the ring and he gets abused by Hero and Elgin. Cole gets the tag and Elgin is eager to put a beating on him. Finally the Cole and Hardy duo is able to take an advantage, and they isolte the so-called “Real” World Champion Jay Briscoe in their part of the ring. After a good long beating, Jay is able to make the hot tag and Mark is a redneck afire. Hero gets a blind tag, and Mark takes the opportunity to hit a Cactus Elbow on Hardy. Hero gets a near-fall on Cole as we head to commercial.

Back from the break and the action is coming from all over. Elgin is throwing people around at will, and Cole looks like he wants nothing to do with that. The referee has a hard time keeping any kind of order with six men of this level intensity all in one match. Hardy ends up alone with Mark and he hits the Twist of Fate to score the first elimination. Jay looks pretty annoyed with his brother, and then attacks Cole just to show what a sore loser he is. Meanwhile, Hero is working over Hardy and almost puts him away. Cole gets a tag and Hero strikes him with a rolling elbow. Elgin tags himself in and knocks Hardy off the apron. Unfortunately for Elgin he’s not able to pin the World Champion. Cole fights back with an enziguiri, but Elgin strikes with a back fist. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb but Hardy breaks it up with a clothesline, sending Elgin into Hero for the unintentaional tag. Hero drills Cole with a rolling Yakuza Kick for two. Moments later Hero is able to hit the Death Blow and that’s enough to get the pin and earn himself a title shot.

WINNERS – Chris Hero & Michael Elgin

The brawl continues after the bell, and Hero is able to knock Cole out with the golden elbow pad. Elgin looks upset, but he has to know he would have done the same thing in Hero’s shoes.

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