Daniel Bryan and the YES! Movement in Pop Culture Featured in USA Today Article, Stephanie McMahon Also Quoted

USA Today ran a story focusing on Daniel Bryan’s YES! Chant and how it has infiltrated sports and pop culture. The piece has been liked/shared over 2000 times on Facebook/Twitter.

In the article, Bryan says, “People like to do it because it’s fun and it’s interactive … When you’re part of an arena, a whole arena with thousands upon thousands of people doing it, it’s very, very surreal … I don’t know what is going on in my world that this happened … Now these basketball teams are doing something that I made popular. How this all happened is surreal.”

Even more interestingly, Stephanie McMahon herself is quoted in the article, breaking from her on-screen anti-Bryan Authority character and stating, “Throughout WWE’s history our Superstars and their catchphrases have often become part of the pop-culture lexicon, and Daniel Bryan’s ‘Yes!’ chant is the latest example of this phenomenon … WWE is all about having fun, bringing people together and making them smile, and the Yes! Movement accomplishes all of this at WWE events and beyond.”

You can access the full story here.

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Source: USA Today