New Warriors #1 Spoilers: Why Does The Team Come Together & Who Is The MAJOR Villain Behind It? (All-New Marvel Now In Review)

Flowing from the preview of New Warriors #1 that showed a playful Speedball throwing down, and sidestepping the All-New Marvel Now branding controversy, the newest team from the House of Ideas, a revamped New Warriors, had its debut #1 issue hits stands this week and writer Chris Yost and artist Marcus To did a decent job.

SPOILERS follow for New Warriors #1.

It looks like the High Evolutionary has his eyes set on Earth again and he’s sent some cool looking advance forces to pave the way for him in New Warriors #1.

First Justice is ensnared, followed by Sun Girl and then Nova.

However, Namorita Water Snake also has need of heroes, but is it to fight the High Evolutionary? She approaches the Scarlet Spider and Hummingbird. At the far right is High Evolutionary’s Marvel Handbook bio if you aren’t familiar with the character.

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