Top 5 DC Comics May 2014 Solicitations & Forever Evil Aftermath: DC New 52 Drops To New 39 (With Futures’ End, Earth 2, Justice League, Jessica Cruz & Wally West)

DC Comics released their May 2014 solicitations of the DC New 52 and beyond. Below are the Top 5 solicits.

(5) Justice League Canada, Shhhh

After April’s #0 issue, Justice League Canada gets the #1 treatment in Justice League United (because having Canada in the title wouldn’t sell?).


    Written by JEFF LEMIRE
    Art and cover by MIKE McKONE
    1:50 Variant cover by GENE HA
    On sale MAY 14 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
    Combo pack edition: $4.99 US

    Retailers: This issue will ship with three covers. Please see the order form for more information.

    In Canada, the team of Animal Man, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter and Stargirl is joined by Adam Strange to fight an unstoppable forced called the Unimaginable.

    This issue is also offered as a combo pack edition with a redemption code for a digital download of this issue.

(4) DC Doubles Down On Firestorm

With the solicitations for the weekly The New 52 – Futures’ End, and speculation it will involve righting at least 10 of DC’s current time anomalies, much of the hype has been on the DC New 52 debut of Batman Beyond, but when the cover was revealed for #1 the return of Grifter got tongues wagging (supposedly lifting DC’s Wildstorm curse?). However, a new Firestorm is on the cover plus another Firestorm anchors Justice League 3000 from April. May 2014 is a good time to be a Firestorm fan.


    Cover by RYAN SOOK
    1:50 Variant cover by JOHN ROMITA, JR. and KLAUS JANSON
    On sale MAY 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

    Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.

    Five years from now, the DC Universe is reeling from a war with another Earth, leaving the world unprepared for an approaching evil that threatens to destroy the future. Can a time-traveling Batman Beyond help a massive cast of the DCU’s finest avert the impending apocalypse? Find out in this new weekly series that will forever alter the direction of The New 52! In this debut issue of The New 52’s weekly series, Batman Beyond arrives five years later! Grifter turns against humanity! And a Justice League member DIES!

    JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 #6

    Written by KEITH GIFFEN and J.M. DeMATTEIS
    Art and cover by HOWARD PORTER

    On sale MAY 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

    The League decides to launch a mission to rescue Green Lantern without Cadmus’s approval!

    Plus: The unfortunate return of The Flash makes things awkward for everybody!

(3) Multiverse Now

With The New 52 – Futures End teasing a battle between another Earth and the Prime Earth of the New 52 happening between now and the first issue of that weekly mini-series, all eyes turn to two series: Earth 2 and Worlds Finest. Darkseid continues to try to capture Earth 2 and Huntress / Power Girl continue to want to get home to Earth 2. Is Earth 2 the Earth that the New 52’s Prime Earth wars with? Does Darkseid take over Earth 2? Interesting questions.

It has been speculated that a multiverse event, which may or may not be Multiversity, would engulf of the New 52 post Forever Evil.

    EARTH 2 #23

    Written by TOM TAYLOR
    Cover by GENE HA
    1:25 BATMAN ‘66 variant cover by MICHAEL ALLRED
    On sale MAY 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

    Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for more information.

    With Green Lantern resurrected, the heroes of Earth 2 go on the offensive against the forces of Darkseid and Apokolips! As the heroes prepare an all-out assault, plans are put into motion for the Red Tornado to make one last, desperate attempt to stop Superman.


    Written by PAUL LEVITZ
    Art by R.B. SILVA and JOE WEEMS
    Cover by BARRY KITSON

    On sale MAY 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

    Can Huntress and Power Girl at last return to Earth 2?

    Now that the duo know their home world still exists, the heroines debate whether to return!

(2) Wally West and Jessica Cruz take Center Stage?

As reported earlier, May 2014’s post-Forever Evil Justice League #31 features an appearance of the new female Power Ring Jessica Cruz although she may debut yet in Forever Evil #6 or #7 and appear in April’s Justice League #30 (it has that big green orb in the background after all).

In addition, as also reported, May 2014’s Flash #31 confirms that the blue Flash on the cover of April’s Flash Annual #3 is not Wally West, but a “Future Flash”.

(1) Still not the New 52

DC cancels another title in May 2014. This time it is writer Gail Simone’s The Movement. Counting DC’s ongoing series in May 2014, it appears DC is now the New 39. That leaves quite a deficit of 13 ongoing series to launch to make it the New 52 again.


    Written by GAIL SIMONE

    On sale MAY 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+ • FINAL ISSUE

    There’s no length the Movement won’t go to if it means rescuing one of their own from a cult that has deep roots in Burden’s hometown.

Yes, DC is releasing around eight issues across two weekly series in May (Futures’ End and Batmen Eternal), but those aren`t ongoing series per the bar DC Co-publisher set for the New 52 branding at the beginning of this endeavour. When will we see the next wave of DC’s new ongoing series?

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome! 🙂

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