NXT Yellow Ropes Report 2.19.14 (Neville, Breeze, Emma)

The Glimpse:

Emma takes on Summer Rae, Neville flies against the Gorgeous one and the Tag Champs are in action.

The Action:

Match 1:  The Ascension (NXT Tag Team Champions) vs Casey Marion & Mike Labosca

Winners:  The Ascension via pinfall

Another squash for the reigning Tag Champs…why?

Viktor with a quick assault on green tights guy, who gets thrown into black tights guy.  Viktor hits his wrist lock throw and awkward pumping of his opponent’s hand then tags in Konnor for a double team hip toss and slam.  Viktor immediately tags back in and it’s Fall of Man for the win.

Match 2:  Summer Rae vs Emma

Winner:  Emma via submission

The trio of the BFFs heads down, all in wrestling gear.  Bayley is Emma’s backup tonight.  Tensai, Tom Philips and Byron Saxton are all on commentary – I was convinced only one guy was with Tensai.  They sound so much alike and have nothing productive to add or have personalities, you’d never have known if they didn’t cut the camera to their table.  Bad.

Summer tries to break Emma’s #emmalution sign then throws it out of the ring.  Emma with a couple of quick rollups and an armbar.  Summer tries a sunset flip but Emma blocks it and dances, which lets Summer counter.  Awkward kicks back and forth then Emma dives face first into a knee from the apron.  Summer dumps her to the floor and the BFF’s stalk her before the ref chases them off.  Summer wrings Emma’s arm down to the mat then settles on an armbar.  Emma quickly powers up just to get thrown back to the mat.  Summer dances or something in the corner of the screen then gets a two count.  Summer keeps the pressure on Emma in the corner.  Emma tries to dropkick her way back into the match but whiffs, throwing herself onto the mat.  A bodyscissors from Summer that Emma tries to bridge out of, ending up in a full nelson also.  Summer tries a pin and gets two again.  Summer tries her dance stretch choke on the ropes and slips off Emma’s head.  Emma boots Summer in the head which sends her into a flurry of axe handles for another two.  Chinlock time, so time for Emma to fight up and throw Summer off.  Emma dodges in the corner and locks on the Dil-Emma.  Emma Sandwich in the corner with the low cross body.  Summer kicks her away when she wants the Emmalock and Sasha slaps her (how’d the ref miss this?) but Emma ends up throwing Summer into the BFFs on the apron and locking the Emmalock in this time.

Tyler Breeze talks to Devin Taylor and is disgusted that Neville could be the face of NXT.  So every champion is the face of something?  This verbal gimmick needs to go…soon.

Renee Young interviews Zayn and Cesaro

Typical bravado.  Cesaro jumps all over Zayn every time he tries to speak, which is fine for the heel.  When Zayn does talk, Cesaro pulls his phone out and checks his watch.  The main focus – Will Zayn be cleared for the match?  And will he be ready?  Zayn gets agitated and Renee scampers off to safety.  Zayn says he knows things are personal here.  Cesaro can’t put hands on Zayn or else he’ll lose his Elimination Chamber spot, so he leaves.

Match 3:  Adrian Neville vs Tyler Breeze

Winner:  Adrian Neville via pinfall

Breeze is a little quicker to put his phone down than normal, showing that Neville is considered a threat.  Breeze with a quick flurry of boots in the corner and when Neville dodges in the corner and flips his way to the opposite one, Breeze gives chase with a dropkick.  Breeze makes time for a quick selfie, then punches Neville once and goes for a cover.  Neville catches Breeze’s leg on a kick then lays in some of his own and takes Breeze face first to a corner.  Huge flapjack mid ring for a two from Neville.  Vicious kicks to the chest of Breeze then a running European uppercut in the corner.  Breeze tries to dump Neville out but he catches himself on the apron then dodges a dropkick attempt.  Neville turns the tables and drops Breeze out to the floor with a dropkick then hits his twisting moonsault to give chase.

Back from a commercial, Neville lands a missile dropkick for two.  Breeze with a quick jawbuster which he tries to follow with a hurricanrana, but Neville stops it and hits a sitout power bomb for two.  Neville lands an elbow from the apron and baits Breeze into whiffing another dropkick.  Neville tries to take advantage but runs right into a superkick, leaving both men floored.  Breeze rolls slowly into a cover for two.  Breeze misses on a Beauty Shot and walks into an enziguiri, then eats another one in the corner.  Neville heads up for Red Arrow and hits it flush to win.

Neville grabs a mic to talk up NXT ArRival, but Bo Dallas immediately interrupts.  Bo goes through his usual demeaning, smirky spiel.  Bo points out that Neville is “climbing the ladder of success” for a pun.  Dallas says Neville has climbed to his peak, as he doesn’t intend to lose at ArRival.  Neville says he’s figured out Bo’s problem (Bo says he doesn’t hate Neville, since he’s “a good kid”) – He’s scared.  Neville goads Bo and says he’ll give him one free shot in the face.  Dallas drops his jacket then removes his NXT Title belt and rolls up his sleeves before bailing out of the ring.

The Reaction:

Why do the champs do squash matches?  This isn’t what they’ll be doing much of on the main roster when they get there, so this doesn’t seem productive.  They’re big guys and have a gimmick, so you know HHH won’t be able to resist bringing them up sooner rather than later.  Effective squash, but I’ve seen it plenty of times already.

Logical finish, as Emma has a title shot pending.  Summer is still green as goose crap and it shows every time she wrestles.  Bayley had absolutely no role in this match despite a stalking spot and a slap spot.  Momentum for Emma and nothing else.

Again, nice logical booking – The challenger to a title goes over clean on a guy that isn’t in title contention.  Good action back and forth from both men, although having Neville miss dropkicks over and over makes him look like a bit of a goof.  Speaking of goof, one of the commentary goofs that isn’t Tensai makes it a point to say that when Neville is disrespected, he always kicks it up a notch.  This is to imply that he doesn’t always wrestle at his best?  That’s not a smart thing to say about an up and coming star.  Makes it sound like he’s a slacker or lazy.  Think before you speak.  Speaking of speaking (that hurt to type), Bo and Neville have more tension between them for this title than anyone on the main roster has for theirs.  Why is it the booking in NXT, despite whacked gimmicks like Breeze and Amore/Cass is so much more logical than on the main roster?  I wonder if the NXT guys get a bit of culture shock when they go up to Raw or Smackdown and see what a clustermess they’re walking into.

The Preview:

NXT ArRival, the first live NXT broadcast as well as the first one on the WWE Network – Bo defends against Neville and Emma challenges Paige for the Women’s title.

The Shill:

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